Are the Bears moving their stadium?

Are the Bears moving their stadium?

The Bears have said numerous times that the purchase and development of the Arlington Heights property was their sole focus as it pertains to a new stadium. The Bears’ lease with Soldier Field is slated to end in 2033.

Why are Bears moving?

The Bears did buy a 326-acre chunk of land in Arlington, Illinois, with hopes of building a stadium there, but that situation is now at a stalemate due to a tax issue. With the Bears’ future now completely up in the air, multiple cities in Illinois are now making a play to land the team.

Where is Bears stadium?

Soldier Field is a multi-purpose stadium on the Near South Side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Are the Bears not moving to Arlington Heights?

In fact, they recently announced they are no longer looking exclusively at Arlington Heights as their new home should they leave Soldier Field. The Bears have since been courted by several suburbs including Naperville and Waukegan, to build a new stadium.

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Will Chicago get another NFL team?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has hinted at the possibility of trying to bring a second team to the city – as the Bears’ move to Arlington Heights seems more likely than ever. But as CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek reported Wednesday, experts think such an idea likely is not realistic.

Will the bears get a new stadium?

The Bears first put a purchase agreement on the property in September of 2021. One year later, the Bears unveiled early plans to build a fully enclosed dome stadium on the property as well as a multi-purpose entertainment, commercial/retail, and housing district.

How much does Chicago owe on Soldier Field?

The Bears may be moving, but Chicago taxpayers are left with $640 million in debt for Soldier Field renovation from two decades ago.

When did the bears move?

The franchise was founded in Decatur, Illinois, on September 20, 1920, and became professional on September 17, 1920, and moved to Chicago in 1921. It is one of only two remaining franchises from the NFL’s founding in 1920, along with the Arizona Cardinals, which was originally also in Chicago.

What’s the smallest NFL stadium?

Smallest Capacity NFL Stadium Soldier Field is the smallest NFL stadium by capacity: 61,500.

Is Soldier Field bigger than United Center?

Although its the smallest of the NFL stadiums, Soldier Field holds 63,500 people. That’s just under what Wrigley Field and the United Center hold combined, with capacities of 41,649 and 23,500 respectively.

What is the largest NFL stadium in the US?

MetLife Stadium – New York Giants and New York Jets MetLife is the biggest stadium in the NFL, both in capacity and in square footage. It has 27,500 parking spaces, and cost around $1.6billion dollars to complete.

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Why do the Bears want to move stadiums?

It’s owned by the Chicago Park District. That means they cannot inherit all the revenues the stadium generates. A new stadium would fully guarantee the profits to the organization. More on the economic standpoint, the Bears do not own the restaurants/businesses around Soldier Field.

Where is the Bears stadium being moved to?

In September 2021, the Bears signed a purchase agreement for the Arlington International Racecourse property in suburban Arlington Heights. The 326-acre property was bought for $197.2 million. The Bears moved from Wrigley Field to Soldier Field in 1971 to meet the NFL’s requirements for seating capacity.

Are they going to build a new stadium for the Chicago Bears?

In February, the NFL franchise announced it had purchased 326 acres in suburban Arlington Heights, which formerly hosted a horse racing track, with plans to move the team’s games from Soldier Field, which is owned by the city, to a new $2 billion stadium it planned to build with an accompanying entertainment district.

How will the Bears pay for a new stadium?

Bears confirm they will not seek taxpayer funds locally or otherwise for the stadium’s construction. However, the NFL franchise says it will require public funds for infrastructure costs covering aspects such as water drainage and road construction. Team intend to build an entertainment district alongside the stadium.

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