Are the Chicago Bears leaving Chicago?

Are the Chicago Bears leaving Chicago?

The Chicago Bears are likely leaving Chicago for Arlington Heights. In June of 2021, the Chicago Bears — a founding member-team of the National Football League (NFL) — purchased Arlington International Racecourse for $197.2 million.

Where are the Chicago Bears relocating?

On Feb. 15, the Bears released a letter saying they closed on the purchase of the 326-acre plot of land in Arlington Heights and the Arlington Park property to secure the potential of beginning a new and exciting chapter for the Bears, our fans, the Chicagoland community, and the State of Illinois.

Are the Chicago Bears moving to the suburbs?

In fact, they recently announced they are no longer looking exclusively at Arlington Heights as their new home should they leave Soldier Field. The Bears have since been courted by several suburbs including Naperville and Waukegan, to build a new stadium.

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Will Chicago get another NFL team?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has hinted at the possibility of trying to bring a second team to the city – as the Bears’ move to Arlington Heights seems more likely than ever. But as CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek reported Wednesday, experts think such an idea likely is not realistic.

Why are the Chicago Bears relocating?

It’s owned by the Chicago Park District. That means they cannot inherit all the revenues the stadium generates. A new stadium would fully guarantee the profits to the organization. More on the economic standpoint, the Bears do not own the restaurants/businesses around Soldier Field.

Are white sox moving?

In short, no. The White Sox are still locked into their lease until at least 2028, and they have yet to officially open talks with the state of Illinois about their status at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Who has the oldest NFL stadium?

Soldier Field in Chicago, home of the Chicago Bears is the oldest stadium in the league having opened in 1924.

Are the Bears officially moving to Arlington Heights?

(WLS) — The Chicago Bears have officially closed on the former Arlington Heights race track Wednesday, moving the team one step closer to moving to the suburbs. The team announced the finalized purchase in an open letter, though they did not disclose the final purchase price.

Who said Soldier Field is a dump?

Says the seasoned and respected Chicago sports host David Kaplan: “Soldier Field is a dump.

What cities have two NFL teams?

Technically, New York (Giants, Jets) and Los Angeles (Rams and Chargers) each have two NFL teams.

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Could the Jaguars move to St Louis?

After the NFL owners meetings in Houston on Tuesday, Jaguars owner Shad Khan told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and ESPN that he had no interest in moving the team to St. Louis at any point in the future.

Can Chicago support two football teams?

Chicago has the capacity to hold two NFL teams. The city set itself up to welcome a new team, if the Bears leave. Even if the city doesn’t attract another NFL team to rent out Soldier Field, they likely will compete with the Bears for business.

How long is the Bears contract with Chicago?

But the Bears’ contract with the Chicago Park District to play at Soldier Field running through 2033, how soon can they break their lease and how much will it cost? Per the Chicago Tribune, the Bears can break their Soldier Field lease as early as 2026 for a reported fee of $84 million.

Is Soldier Field in Chicago moving?

July 8, 2022: Bears Reject Idea of Soldier Field Renovations In short order, the Bears dismissed the project, saying that the only project the team would pursue was the “new stadium development” in Arlington Heights.

How much does Chicago owe on Soldier Field?

The Bears may be moving, but Chicago taxpayers are left with $640 million in debt for Soldier Field renovation from two decades ago.

Do the Chicago Bears own Soldier Field?

With a capacity of 63,500, the public facility is home to the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Fire, and hosts an array of sporting, entertainment, and community events each year. Owned by the Chicago Park District, Soldier Field is managed by ASM Global, the global leader in venue management.

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