Are the Saints going to move to Baton Rouge?

Are the Saints going to move to Baton Rouge?

BATON ROUGE — Team owner Gayle Benson and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stood outside the state capitol today to formally announce the decision to relocate the Saints from their longtime home of New Orleans to the state capital of Baton Rouge.

Is Gayle Benson selling the Saints?

The time limit’s lapse would mean Gayle Benson has officially consolidated her ownership of the teams, which she has promised will be sold only after her death on the condition that they remain in New Orleans.

Did the New Orleans Saints get sold?

What does it mean for the Saints and New Orleans, though? Team owner Gayle Benson, 74, has made it clear she has no plans to sell the team. She also has no heirs.

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When did the Saints move to New Orleans?

Since 1975, the team plays its home games at Caesars Superdome after using Tulane Stadium during its first eight seasons. Founded by John W. Mecom Jr., David Dixon, and the city of New Orleans on November 1, 1966, the Saints joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1967.

Where do most New Orleans Saints players live?

Most players, coaches and administrators elected to live closer to the club’s Metairie headquarters, in the neighboring suburbs of Kenner, Destrehan or River Ridge.

Are the Saints going to retire number 9?

The New Orleans Saints, with one world championship, have not retired any. But there are two numbers you won’t see on any future Saints: The 8 worn by Archie Manning and the 9 worn by Drew Brees. As our Jeff Duncan reported, the Saints do not retire uniform numbers like many other clubs.

Will the Saints ever leave New Orleans?

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s deal to keep the New Orleans Saints in Louisiana throughout 2025 gained legislative approval Thursday and is close to completion. BATON ROUGE, La. — Gov. Bobby Jindal’s deal to keep the New Orleans Saints in Louisiana throughout 2025 gained legislative approval Thursday and is close to completion.

How much would it cost to buy the Saints?

The New Orleans Saints are valued at $4.08 billion, which ranks 27th among all NFL teams, and below the average NFL team worth of $5.1 billion, according to the 2023 Forbes “NFL Team Valuations” rankings, reported on the magazine’s website.

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Who is the 1st string QB for the Saints?

POS Starter Second
Quarterback D. Carr Saints’ Derek Carr: Comes off injury report Derek Carr Saints’ Derek Carr: Comes off injury report J. Winston
Running Back A. Kamara J. Williams
Wide Receiver C. Olave R. Shaheed
Tight End J. Johnson T. Hill

Are the Saints still paying Payton?

How long is Payton still under contract with the Saints? Payton’s contract expires after the 2024 season, meaning the Saints have his rights for two more seasons.

How much longer do the Saints own Sean Payton?

How long do the Saints hold his rights? Payton signed a five-year contract extension in September 2019, so the Saints hold the rights to Payton through the end of the 2024 season.

What family owns the Saints?

New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans Benson became the owner of both the Saints and Pelicans following the death of her husband Tom.

Did the Saints almost relocate?

A yearlong battle between late owner Tom Benson, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, and fans was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina and a temporary relocation. Eventually, the Saints returned to the city and their “rebirth” of sorts began, but that wasn’t always a certainty.

Could Payton return to the Saints?

The Saints knew immediately there was a possibility Payton could return in 2023 after he stepped down after the 2021 season. Loomis said he has not wanted to stand in the way of that process, but acknowledged they still want a fair return for the final two seasons of Payton’s contract.

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Why are the Saints playing in Florida?

The New Orleans Saints, displaced by the destruction of Hurricane Ida, will begin the season Sunday against the Green Bay Packers in the teal-tinged wilderness of Jacksonville, Fla., instead of the Superdome’s black-and-gold cacophony.

What state do the Saints live in?

The Caesars Superdome (originally Louisiana Superdome and formerly Mercedes-Benz Superdome), commonly known as the Superdome, is a domed multi-purpose stadium located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the home stadium of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL).

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