Can I drive my furniture to Spain from UK?

Can I drive my furniture to Spain from UK?

Visitors taking up residence in Spain may import household goods and furnishings and personal effects free from duty and VAT if the items have been used for at least sixmonths for a citizen of a non-EU country. If you are emigrating to Spain to take up temporary residence, the law allows you to import house furnishings, household goods and other personal possessions without paying customs duty or VAT. Sending goods and gifts from the UK to Spain Receiving gifts in Spain with a value of more than 45 € may incur import duty and other charges. Some specific items, including food, drink, and cosmetics, may also incur charges, tax, or IVA. Well, expats who move to Spain will see that you need between €2,000-2,200 a month to live comfortably in a big city. However, in a smaller city, you will need a more modest €1,700-1,900 a month. Spanish regulations ban the import of illicit narcotics and drugs. There are also very restrictive regulations for imports of explosives, firearms, defense equipment and material, tobacco, and gambling material. There are also restrictions on many types of pharmaceutical products.

How do I move furniture from UK to Spain?

Road or Sea Freight Part Load or ‘shared container’ is the cheapest way to ship furniture to Spain from the UK. Your goods will be loaded together with other people’s belongings and shipped to Spain. Although this is the slowest option, it is economical as you will only pay for the space your items take up. It costs an average of £3,015 to ship a 40 ft container to Spain from the UK. 40 ft containers are best for 3+ bed house moves. The average cost of air freight is £288 per 100kg. Container shipping rates from USA to port of Barcelona How much does it cost to ship a container from USA to Barcelona?, the average price to ship a container from the United States to Barcelona is from $1800 to $3500 US Dollars. On average, the cost of living in Spain is 114% cheaper than in the UK. The biggest differences in cost are in cost in rent, utilities, and daycare.

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