Can I set delivery date on Shopee?

Can I set delivery date on Shopee?

On the checkout page, go to Shipping Options > select preferred delivery time (home address or office address > tap confirm.

How do I confirm my ship date on Shopee?

There are two ways to check your Estimated Delivery Date. You can find the details for the estimated delivery date of your order under the Order Details Page or Shipping Information Page in the Shopee App. Go to Me tab > Select To Receive > Select order > View estimated delivery date in Order Status section.

What is days to ship Shopee?

For ready stock products, orders must be fulfilled within 2 days to fall within the DTS estimations. Products that are pre-ordered must be fulfilled within 7-30 days to fall within the DTS estimations. The shipping deadline is longer than that of ready stock products to account for shipping delays in the process.

What happens if I ship my Shopee late?

Sellers with a LSR rate of 15% or more will be issued 1 penalty point for the week. Sellers with a high number of Late Shipped Orders (50 or more LSR orders) will also be issued an additional penalty point.

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Can I delay Shopee delivery?

If you would like to wait for the order or have been informed by the seller that it will arrive soon, you can extend the order’s Shopee Guarantee by 3 days.

How do I choose delivery option on Shopee?

Choosing a shipping option for your order You can choose your preferred shipping option at the Checkout page on Shopee App > Select Shipping Option > Select your preferred shipping option based on the options provided by the seller > Confirm.

Can I ship on the ship by date?

Generally speaking, yes! At least when it comes to USPS. If the current date is after the ship date on your postage, your package will still be accepted at your local Post Office. However, we don’t suggest waiting more than two or three days after you create your postage.

What is shipped out date?

the date on which goods are sent out to a customer: All customers get an e-mail announcing the ship date of their orders.

What time does J&T pick up Shopee?

Pickup service is available from Monday to Sunday, cut off time is 10:00 AM for same day pickup. Sellers can reschedule their pickup in the Shopee app before the booking cut-off or their scheduled pick-up date.

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