Did Erin and Chad move to Florida?

Did Erin and Chad move to Florida?

Since we moved to Florida, we’ve come up with creative ways to utilize the space in our rental home. We have been blessed agin with remarkable landlords who have.

What does Chad Paine do for a living in Florida?

Chad is currently the owner and operator of Paine Construction, in DeLand, Florida.

Who is Erin Bates married to?


Is the Bates family part of the Iblp?

The Bates family follows Gothard’s teachings. Their father is a good and godly man. He’s on the board of IBLP.

Where do the Bates children live now?

Gil + Kelly Jo (Callaham) Bates, and all the Unmarried Children, live in Rocky Top, Anderson County, Tennessee. The sprawling, rural property has 25 Acres—most of it hilly and wooded—and a large home.

How old is Erin Paine?


What religion are the Bates family?

Gil and Kelly Bates, who are evangelical, conservative Christians, didn’t really want a big family when they got married 23 years ago. In fact, Gil Bates didn’t really like children and Kelly Bates was more concerned with her career than having a big family. But they don’t believe in birth control.

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What are Chad and Erin having?

31 (UPI) — Bringing Up Bates star Erin Bates is a mom of six. The television personality, 32, welcomed her sixth child, son William Gage, with her husband, Chad Paine, on Monday. Bates shared the news on Instagram alongside photos of herself and Gage with their baby boy at the hospital.

How did Chad and Erin meet?

Courtship. Chad met Erin Bates at an IBLP Valentines Banquet in 2011. Over the next two years, the couple got to know each other.

What condition does Erin Bates have?

Doctors were able to determine that Erin suffered from a blood clotting disorder and would require medication to carry pregnancies to term. Erin spoke of her struggles in an interview: Going through a miscarriage is one of the hardest things.

How many are married in the Bates family?

There are 13 married Bates couples including Gil and Kelly Bates. They were married in 1987. The most recent wedding took place in 2023.

How many grandkids do the Bates have?

The Bateses have twenty seven grandchildren and two on the way. This is a list of the grandchildren in birth order. Birth featured on Bringing Up Bates episode And Baby Makes Five?

Where does the Bates family live?

Gil and Kelly Bates live with their 18 children in a five-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot home in rural Tennessee. At 22, Zach is the oldest child. Every year, you know, there was – just add another person – it doesn’t feel abnormal to me, Zach said.

What ever happened to bringing up Bates?

In a post on the Instagram account of the show, UPtv released a statement notifying viewers of the show’s cancellation. “We will not be premiering Bringing Up Bates season 11 on UPtv as planned as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on movies and a new scripted series to be announced soon,” they wrote in part.

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What are Chad and Erin’s kids names?

William is the sixth child for Erin and her spouse, whom she wed in November 2013. The couple also share daughters Brooklyn Elise, 7, Everly Hope, 5, Holland Grace, 3, and Finley Marie, 21 months, as well as son Charles Steven IV “Carson,” 8.

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