Does Enterprise pickup return?

Does Enterprise pickup return?

Yes, our free pick-up service is available at non-airport locations and during normal business hours. To schedule your pick up time or make additional arrangements, please call your local rental office directly. Different pick-up and drop-off locations FAQ Yes, you can return the car in a different location. Usually, this is called “one-way rental”. However, please note that, sometimes, an extra fee may be applied to your reservation. One (1) hour after the reserved pick-up time the reserved vehicle will be made available for other customers. If you arrive at the location more than one (1) hour after the reserved pick-up time, we will try to provide a vehicle for you, however, availability cannot be guaranteed.

Does Enterprise drop you off after return?

Unless they changed their way of doing business they will not only drop you off when you return the car they will pick you up so you can get the car. Yes, you can rent a car and drop it off at a different location. Can you rent a car and drop-off at a different location? Yes, you can rent a car and drop it off at a different location. Dropping your car off at a different location, even with the same rental company, can cost you a pretty penny. That’s because the rates at rental car companies are typically based on round trips. That means they require bringing back the car to the same location you picked it up from. If you rent a car and don’t return it, you are essentially depriving the owner of the property – the car rental company – of their property. If the owner of the car calls the police and reports the car stolen, then you could be charged with auto theft.

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