Does Matterport have any competition?

Does Matterport have any competition?

Answer: Matterport has competitors in the virtual tours marketplace. These include different market players offering 3D imaging technologies to various clients. Some of its top competitors include VPix, TicketyView, AutoCAD, and Zillow.

Is Matterport making money?

Overall, there is no denying that Matterport is making money. Impressively, the company’s total Q4 2021 revenue of $27.1 million represents a 15% improvement on a year-over-year basis.

Does Zillow use Matterport?

Over the last several years, Matterport has become the premium virtual tour offering for real estate, but in the Summer of 2019, Zillow launched a competing product to the Matterport 3D virtual tour platform – and named it “Zillow 3D”.

What is the difference between iGuide and Matterport?

iGuide is slightly less polished, and technically not quite so ambitious. However, it fulfills the needs of most clients, provides excellent accuracy, and allows photographers to get the job done faster. In summary, Matterport is better for: The dollhouse view and Instagram tours.

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Is there anything better than Matterport?

Zillow 3D Home Tour is the most intuitive and affordable Matterport alternative. In fact, it’s the only virtual tour app that is free to use. It can be used with the Ricoh Theta 360° camera, or with your mobile device by downloading the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Is Matterport a good investment?

Matterport’s revenue increased 87% to $85.9 million in 2020, but grew just 29% to $111.2 million in 2021. It mainly blamed that slowdown on global supply chain constraints, which throttled its production of Pro 2 cameras.

Is Matterport undervalued?

Matterport secures a last-minute Real Value of $9.94 per share. The latest price of the firm is $4.28. At this time, the firm appears to be undervalued….622.5 M.

Low Next Value High
0.10 5.10 10.92

How much does a Matterport photographer make?

The estimated total pay for a Matterport Photographer is $64,960 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $42,624 per year.

Where will Matterport stock be in 5 years?

During its most recent investor day, Matterport projected $747 million in annual sales by 2025, which would represent a CAGR of 59 percent between 2019 and 2025. It also expects its gross margin to rise from 48 percent to 73 percent during the same time period’s….Matterport Stock Forecast 2025.

Calendar date Regular
2025 January 01, Wednesday 131.174

How expensive is Matterport?

Matterport Pricing: Software Offering

Plan Pricing
Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Free $0 Not applicable
Starter $9.99 Not applicable
Professional $69.00 $708.00
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How much does a 3D house tour cost?

Our Matterport 3D real estate virtual tour pricing starts at $229, depending on the size of the house. Add-ons including 2D floor plans or extra drone photos are also available.

What makes Matterport unique?

With Matterport, you may also offer viewers more information in the form of Mattertags, links within the tour that note unique features; you can direct visitors to download user manuals or listen to audio to increase their level of interactivity and impress them further.

What is iGUIDE?

iGUIDE ® 3D Tour A solution for Real Estate professionals. Access to property information benefits everyone. Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results. iGUIDE 3D tours include accurate floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more to make this happen.

How do I download iGUIDE?

From the My iGUIDEs page, choose an iGUIDE to download.

Is Matterport the best 3D camera?

Best 3D Camera – Reviews. The Matterport Pro2 is our best 3D camera because of its amazing picture quality. It has a professional grade resolution of 134.2 megapixels which translates to a 4K print quality photograph. This camera only takes 3D images, so you won’t be losing any pixels by switching settings.

Is Matterport a US company?

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Matterport maintains offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas, London, and Singapore to ensure our customers have local sales and support assistance. The year Matterport was founded to explore the intersection of hardware, AI, and the built world.

Is Matterport Pro2 worth?

If you want data for a virtual walkthrough, online advertising, quick floor plans, or VR, the Pro2 is well worth a look. To be perfectly honest, every issue I found fell into one of three categories: lack of accuracy, limited setup distances, and/or lack of processing controls.

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