Does TaskRabbit work in the UK?

Does TaskRabbit work in the UK?

TaskRabbit is now live in six new cities across England and Wales, with Scotland coming soon!

Is TaskRabbit a legit company?

Yes. TaskRabbit is a legitimate platform to connect people who are willing to pay for chores and errands to be done and the people willing to do them.

Does TaskRabbit pay well?

“Taskers can make as much as they want to work,” said Kelly. “Some taskers make $150,000 per year.” In fact, some taskers charge north of $80 an hour for heavy work like moving. And generally, regardless of where the job was, TaskRabbit reported an estimated hourly wage of $15 or more.

Is TaskRabbit part of IKEA?

In September 2017, the IKEA Group announced it would acquire Taskrabbit, which would continue to operate independently. IKEA launched a furniture assembly service from Taskrabbit in March 2018.

What does TaskRabbit pay UK?

A spokesperson for TaskRabbit said that its average “tasker” makes £20 an hour in the UK – more than double the national living wage – for performing unskilled handyman jobs. Taskers set their own hourly rates and advertise them on their profiles. They can then seek out jobs or respond when others reach out to them.

How do I join TaskRabbit UK?

Simply visit and download our Tasker app to start receiving task requests and offering your services.

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