How do I get to the 12th colossus?

How do I get to the 12th colossus?

Colossus 12location and how to defeat the twelfth colossus Pelagia, the Poseidon Colossus. The twelfth colossus is located in the north-east of the map, which means exiting the Shrine of Worship to the left and galloping across the eastern natural bridge over the chasm.

What is the name of the 12th colossus?

Pelagia is the twelfth colossus that he encounters, emerging from underneath the waters of a cliffside lake to the northeast. It will immediately attack Wander, shooting electrical energy projectiles from the tusks on either side of its head.

Where is the 13th colossus?

The 13th Colossus is one of sixteen bosses fought in Shadow of the Colossus. Located in the middle of a large desert at quadrant E6. Despite its massive appearance, it is completely docile and will in no way deliberately assault Wander.

Where is the 11th colossus?

The 11th Colossus, resembling a komainu statue, is one of sixteen bosses fought in Shadow of the Colossus. It is found in a small but deep canyon underneath the north end of the gigantic bridge at quadrant F1.

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Who is the 13th Colossus?

Phalanx, the thirteenth colossus is located to the south-west of the central Shrine of Worship, in the area known as the Great Desert. Head south-east from the Shrine then, towards the thin spiky pillars on the horizon. You’re going the same way through the forest here as you have done before.

Who is the 11th Colossus?

The eleventh colossus, Celosia, is located due north of the Shrine of Worship. Head across that natural bridge to the north once again, and follow the line of the huge, aqueduct-like bridge, keeping it just on your right.

Where is the 15th Colossus?

  • This foe is located in the far north. …
  • When you see a monument carved out of the mountain, get off of your horse and enter it by foot. …
  • Exiting the entrance tunnel will put you at the base of a long set of stairs. …
  • This Colossus is one bad mother. …
  • The attack you’ll see most often is the stomp.

Who is the 15th colossus?

Argus, the fan name for the fifteenth colossus that looks a lot like a Gorilla Colossus is located right in the far north-eastern reaches of the map.

Who is the 9th colossus?

From there, it’s business as usual. Drive the sword into its vulnerable spot, rinse and repeat if it shakes you off, and Basaran, the ninth colossus – or Turtle Colossus – will go down. You’re whisked away once more to the Shrine of Worship, and the ninth idol crumbles.

Where is the 14th colossus?

The 14th Colossus, resembling a guard dog, is one of sixteen bosses fought in Shadow of the Colossus. Found in the ruins of a large city in quadrant C2 of the Forbidden Lands. It is similar in size to the equally relatively-small 11th colossus.

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Where is the 12th colossus on the map?

The 12th colossus’ lair is northeast of the shrine, so the player will want to turn left when exiting.

How do you unlock the colossus?


How do you climb colossus?

Catch up to the colossus and jump onto its left calf. Hold onto the fur there and draw your sword (press right on the D-pad). You’ll see the a weak point glowing a little above you. Keep holding down R2 and climb up until you’re right over it.

How do you climb the second colossus?

A faster way to get on top of the Colossus is to run around behind it and shoot its the back feet as it picks them up to walk. The reason this is faster is because you’ll have to climb to the back of the monster to get to the next weak point anyways. This saves you the time of the slow climb back to its tail.

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