How do I transfer my Xfinity service to my new address?

How do I transfer my Xfinity service to my new address?

  1. Sign in to My Account. …
  2. Enter the date you would like to stop service at your current address, the best phone number to reach you and your new address. …
  3. You can make changes to your plan. …
  4. Next, we’ll show your installation options.

What do I do with my Xfinity when I move?

Schedule your move via our online Xfinity moving page. Depending on your current service, your move options may be one of the following: Keep the same services and self-move your equipment. Upgrade or add equipment and receive a Getting Started kit.

Can I move my Xfinity router to another house?

You might be able to bring your equipment to your new home. Schedule a technician appointment and we’ll install everything for you, or you can do it yourself. If you’re moving your equipment on your own and need instructions on how to install and activate?

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Do I need to let Xfinity know I’m moving?

Keep your current plan — tell us where you’re moving and pack up your equipment. Make changes to your plan — explore other deals that fit your new space.

Can you transfer your Xfinity account?

In order to get an account changed over into someone else’s name, the current account holder and the new account holder must both fill out the account change request form which can be found here and then go into a local store together to provide the additional documentation as well as this form.

Does Xfinity change IP address?

Yours won’t change often, but sometimes, due to system maintenance, you’ll get a short-term DHCP lease. A short-term DHCP lease is a temporary IP address that expires after a set amount of time.

Is Comcast and Xfinity the same?

Are Xfinity and Comcast the same thing? At their roots, Xfinity and Comcast are the same thing. Comcast is the parent company, and Xfinity is Comcast’s brand for TV, internet, and home phone services.

How do I use Xfinity when away from home?

Simply download the Xfinity Stream app or visit the Xfinity Stream portal and log in with your Xfinity ID and password. See what you’ll need to get started with the Xfinity Stream app or portal for more details.

Can I cancel my Xfinity service if I move?

First, call Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST and clearly state your intention to cancel. Prepare a valid reason, such as moving to an area without Comcast service, and stand your ground during the call, ignoring any offers or attempts to retain you.

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Can you have Xfinity at 2 locations?

Can I have services at both my old address and new address while I’m in the process of moving? Yes. If you let us know the dates that you wish to activate service at your new address and maintain service at your old address, you can have service at each.

Can I just move my modem to another house?

For the most part, yes. You can move your modem and router to another house. However, you need to ensure they are compatible with your new Internet service. For example, if you upgraded from DSL to fiber Internet, you may need to upgrade your modem and router equipment as well.

How do I move my router to another house?

  1. Unplug it.
  2. Pack it up.
  3. Connect it at your new place.
  4. Sync it to your new Wi-Fi.

Can I watch my Xfinity at a different location?

With the Xfinity Stream app and portal, you can livestream certain local broadcast affiliate networks while you’re out-of-home. Learn more about where this new Xfinity TV functionality is available and how you can take advantage of it.

Can you stream Xfinity at another location?

Over 250+ channels can be livestreamed when you’re not home using the Xfinity Stream mobile app and Xfinity Stream portal. You can also watch out-of-home using the Xfinity Stream app on Amazon Fire TV devices, as well as cast it using supported Chromecast and AirPlay devices.

What if Xfinity can’t find my address?

If you can’t find your address online, please contact us. We’ll determine if service can be provided to your address. Sometimes, it may require further research for us to determine if we can service your address. If it does, we may give you a ticket number to keep for future reference.

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Can I take my router on vacation?

You can take your router away with you if: The router isn’t your main router. That’s to say you’ve maybe set up a mesh network at home so you have multiple routers or if you have a Wi-Fi extender. The router isn’t locked to your internet service provider.

Can I unplug and move my router?

If it’s a fiber router, then it needs to be connected to that incoming fiber. If it’s a cable-TV router, then it needs to be connected to that cable TV network. If it instead connects to the ISP:s WiFi network and gives you wired Ethernet connectors, then you can move it wherever it still has WiFi coverage.

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