How do you get a couch through narrow stairs?

How do you get a couch through narrow stairs?

Stand at one of the long ends of the couch, and have a helper stand at the other end. In a coordinated effort, crouch down and lift the couch from the bottom. Bear the brunt of the weight with your legs and arms, but not your back. Walk slowly toward the doorway.

How do you get big heavy things up stairs?

You can use a hand truck, 4-wheel dolly or appliance dolly. If you’re moving heavy furniture upstairs or down, a hand truck will be your best bet. No matter which you use, you want to make sure the item is balanced on the dolly and strapped in using any lifting straps or tie down straps.

How do you lift heavy furniture down stairs?

Always wrap the objects to guard them and the surroundings from dents, scratches and breakage. You can use moving blankets and bubble wrap for this. The moving straps and dollies can be used for moving heavy objects down the stairs, and you can also build stair ramps for moving furniture and other items.

How do you move furniture up stairs by yourself?

Securely strap your belongings on the hand-truck and then tilt it back so that it is balancing on its two wheels. Slowly move it down one step at a time. You can do the same going up the stairs, but you will walk backward, pulling the truck step by step.

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How do you get a queen mattress up narrow stairs?

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How do you tell if furniture will fit up stairs?

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