How do you pack jewelry when you move?

How do you pack jewelry when you move?

  1. Consider a Jewelry Roll. …
  2. Use Buttons for Earrings. …
  3. Prevent Necklace Tangles. …
  4. Keep Individual Items Safe. …
  5. Use Pill Cases. …
  6. Secure Your Armoire. …
  7. Use Spiral Binding From Notebook. …
  8. Keep Items With You.

How do you pack jewelry without it getting tangled?


How do you move a lot of jewelry?

  1. 1 Carry valuable pieces in a jewelry roll.
  2. 2 Thread necklaces through a straw.
  3. 3 Use a paper towel roll for larger necklaces.
  4. 4 Wrap jewelry items in bags or packing paper individually.
  5. 5 Pack multiple items together with sealable kitchen wrap.

How do you package jewelry?

First, clean the jewelry to be shipped and then lay them neatly on a flat, clean surface. Next, wrap the items in some tissue paper or cotton and place them in a clear plastic bag for safety. The polybag will provide an extra layer of protection that keeps the item contained and stationary during the trip.

Should I keep my jewelry in boxes?

You can certainly buy a jewelry box, or a cabinet made for jewelry storage, but sometimes even those expensive items don’t provide enough air circulation, particularly if you don’t open them often. An easy and cheap solution is to assign a drawer or upright cabinet and store your sparklies in there.

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Where do you put a jewelry box?

Consider keeping jewelry boxes inside a consistently dark and cool interior closet. You could also hang a jewelry rack inside a closet door. Climate-controlled storage units are another great option if you’re short on jewelry storage space at home.

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