How long do the air up pods last for?

How long do the air up pods last for?

How long does a Pod last? One Pod provides flavour for at least 5 litres of water! Since our flavours come from fruits, plants, and spices, it goes without saying that the Pods, unfortunately, do not provide an aroma forever.

How many times can you use a air up pod?

Each Pod flavours at least 5 litres of water, and we’ve included 2 Pods in your starter set, meaning you’re already good for over 10 litres of flavour! With the bottle holding 650ml of water, you’ll be able to refill your bottle around 15 times with just the two Pods included!

Are the air up pods reusable?

SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE: Each flavour pod is 100% recyclable. Combining this with your refillable air up bottle means you can reduce the consumption of almost 150 single-use plastic bottles each year! Good for you, great for your health, and perfect for the environment….

Brand AIR UP
Package weight 0.03 Kilograms

How do you drink air up?

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  1. Fill up. Fill up your air up® bottle with fresh drinking water. …
  2. Straw In. Attach the straw to the mouthpiece, and slide the straw into the bottle.
  3. Mouthpiece On. …
  4. Pop on the Aroma Pod. …
  5. Activate Aroma Pod. …
  6. Drink. …
  7. Fall in Love. …
  8. Close the Bottle.
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What are the premium air up pods?

A revolutionary new way to hydrate, with flavour stimulated through scent alone. This air up® starter set comes with a pearl white-coloured bottle, as well as 2 premium Pods (1x Kola, and 1x Tangerine). Tasty, healthy, and sustainable. No more single-use plastic with this reusable solution!

Does air up have chemicals?

⭐ 0% sugar, 0% additives, 0% calories. With the air up starter set, you get all the components you need to change your drinking behaviour to healthy and sustainable. Absolute world first. We at air up have reinvented drinking – because with us “taste only by fragrance”, no sugar, no additives.

Are air up bottles healthy?

Each component of the air up® bottle is made from the highest-quality materials. The bottles themselves use BPA-free Tritan™, commonly used in drinks bottles for young children. The mouthpiece is made from food-safe silicone, also used in babies dummies. Whatever your age, we put safety first.

Does air up have any calories?

0 calories, 0 additives, and 0 sugar, these Pods are your refreshing friend for life – always a sip away.

What water bottle has flavor pods?

The air up®️ drinking system allows you to sip plain water, but experience a taste sensation of cherry, peach, and many more flavors. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Connect a Flavor Pod to the air up®️ bottle, fill with water, and sip.

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