How much does it cost to ship a box to Ghana?

How much does it cost to ship a box to Ghana?

Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Ghana from the US

Service Price*
USPS Priority Mail International $68.95
UPS Worldwide Saver $80.72
UPS Worldwide Expedited $66.73
DHL One-Time Shipment $105.79

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Ghana?

To get the cheapest shipping from the USA to Ghana, select slower delivery methods like Planet Mail Express or USPS.

What does McDan group do?

The McDan Group of Companies is a Ghanaian transportation and logistics company with operations in freight forwarding for land transports, sea freight, air freight and contract logistics. The headquarters of the company is in Accra, Ghana. It has presence in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Equatorial Guinea.

How long does it take to ship from China to Ghana?

The distance between China and Ghana is not so close. Transit from Beijing Harbor to Tema Port takes almost 47 days. Transit between Shenzen port to Tema port will take 48 days. A shipment will take 47 days to reach Takoradi port from Beijing Harbor and 48 days to reach Shenzen port.

What companies deliver to Ghana?

Below are some of the best delivery companies in the country.

  • DHL Express, Ghana.
  • FEDEX, Ghana.
  • Street Express.
  • Kasi Express.
  • IAS Ghana Limited.
  • OAK Express Limited.
  • United Parcel Delivery Company.
  • Eagle Express.
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Does FedEx deliver Ghana?

Ship any package up to 68 kg (150lbs.) Unlimited weight on multiple-piece shipments to the same destination….FedEx International First is perfect for:

Your Destination Your Transit Time*
USA 2-3 business days by 08:30am to key destinations

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