How much is a train ride from Chicago to New York City?

How much is a train ride from Chicago to New York City?

Good to know

Cheapest day to travel Friday
Most expensive day to travel Monday
Average price (round-trip) $180
Average price (one-way) $84

How long is Amtrak from NYC to Chicago?

Train Trip Information: New York to Chicago Traveling by train from New York to Chicago usually takes around 24 hours and 12 minutes, but the fastest Amtrak Lake Shore Limited train can make the trip in 19 hours and 32 minutes.

Is Amtrak cheaper than flying?

But when you factor in total travel time, flying actually takes about 14 minutes longer one way: 3 hours and 38 minutes for the train and 3 hours and 52 minutes for the plane. The train also wins when it comes to cost: $188 on Amtrak6 and $291 on the airlines.

Does Amtrak have sleeper cars?

The Amtrak Sleeping Car fleet consists of two types of cars: Superliner and Viewliner. The primary difference: a Superliner features two levels of private accommodations per car and Viewliner features a single level. For your trip, the type of car will depend on the route you select.

What is included in Amtrak roomette?

For customers seeking both privacy and savings, Roomettes feature:

  • Two comfortable seats by day.
  • Upper and lower berths by night.
  • Newly upgraded bedding, pillows, towels and linens.
  • Access to a private restroom and shower in your car.
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Does Amtrak go from Chicago to Florida?

Amtrak does not travel directly between Chicago and Florida. Because Florida trains only travel along the East Coast, you’ll need to transfer between two trains or combine a rail trip with a rental car or bus to complete the journey. Explore route options and tips below.

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