Is it OK to move a piano yourself?

Is it OK to move a piano yourself?

Before moving a piano yourself, take in mind that it is a dangerous task and think about calling for help. It’s highly recommended to call a professional mover if you think you won’t be able to move the piano by yourself, even though the removals service prices are not low for piano removals. Important! Don’t try and lift the piano upstairs or up to the truck A piano is too heavy and too fragile to survive too much lifting and transporting. Make sure you use a ramp or piano board whenever possible to avoid damaging the piano or causing injury to your friends and family. It takes at least four people to efficiently move a piano, with two to three people doing the heavy lifting, and the others guiding them to and from the moving truck or van. You may need more, however, depending on the size of the piano and the complexity of the move. Dollies and Planks for Moving Pianos Upstairs Usually, movers will secure planks to go up the staircase and will have placed the piano on a dolly. From there they roll the piano up the plank so they don’t have to lift and carry it up each individual step!

Is it OK to lay down a piano?

Now, you’re probably wondering Can you put a piano on its side to move it? As a matter of fact, you can. Moving on its side or back won’t harm your instrument. It can be rotated or tilted without doing damage. Pianos should not be on their side long, so if this is your only way to move the piano, be sure to unload it and stand it upright as soon as possible. When playing, the keys of a grand piano feel heavier than those of an upright, because the inertia related to the rotational movement in the action of a grand piano is greater than that of the mechanism of an upright piano. An upright piano, where the strings are vertically arranged, can generally be moved by a handful of people—you might only need two people to move a small spinet or console, while a larger studio or classic upright piano might require three or four people.

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