Is Lionel Messi going to play in Florida?

Is Lionel Messi going to play in Florida?

Lionel Messi has had explosive start with Inter Miami, scoring at least one goal at every game since joining the soccer club. Lionel Messi says he will play in Inter Miami’s season finale on Saturday, although the club hasn’t confirmed that is the actual plan.

Is Messi moving to USA?

Lionel Messi has completed his move to Inter Miami on a deal running to 2025, the Major League Soccer outfit have announced.

Is Messi going to Miami?

Lionel Messi joins Inter Miami in blockbuster free transfer I’m very excited to start this next step in my career with Inter Miami and in the United States, Messi said.

Where is Messi joining in 2023?

What about his biggest moments in MLS? Those questions are answered via our schedule tracker for the Argentine superstar, who signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with Inter Miami on July 15. In 2023, Inter Miami have 21 games with Messi across all competitions.

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Why did Messi go to Florida?

Known as a devoted family man with a stable personal life, Messi already owns a residence in Miami and enjoys spending holidays there. The prospect of a different lifestyle for himself and his family, with an emphasis on cherishing the day-to-day moments, was a significant factor in his choice to join Inter Miami.

Why was Messi in Florida?

Messi says he wanted his family to be able to enjoy themselves. And they can do that in Miami. Messi already owns luxury real estate in South Florida and likes to spend holidays there. In Miami, Messi said in an interview, he and his family would have a different lifestyle.

Where is Messi moving to?

Lionel Messi said he did not want to relive his traumatic departure from Barcelona two years ago after revealing Wednesday that he will join MLS side Inter Miami CF over the Catalan club.

Why did Messi join Miami?

In choosing Miami, where he owns property, Messi turned down a chance to play in Saudi Arabia, where a team had offered him significantly more money. He also declined the possibility of returning to Barcelona, where he signed at 13, won every major trophy and wanted to remain before moving to Paris-St.

Why is Messi moving to Miami?

After winning the World Cup and not being able to go to Barca, it was time to go to the U.S. league to experience football in a different way and enjoy the day-to-day, Messi said. Obviously with the same responsibility and desire to want to win and to always do things well. But with more peace of mind.

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Is Apple paying Messi?

Apple will reportedly pay Messi a share of revenue from new subscriptions to MLS Season Pass, a streaming service available on Apple TV. Apple has made Messi the centerpiece of its promotional campaign for the streaming service, in a bid to turn his legion of fans around the world into customers.

How much did Miami pay Messi?

His tally ranks among the five highest in the history of sports. Messi’s Miami deal is worth between $50 million and $60 million per year from his salary, signing bonus and equity in the team. It is on par with what the top earners in the NBA and NFL make in salary.

Did David Beckham buy Messi?

Beckham has told AFP of pulling off a remarkable transfer agreement: It’s still hard to believe that when someone turns around to me and says Inter Miami have Lionel Messi in their team, you know. It’s a very proud thing for me to have as an owner, to have a player like that, the best player in the world, in our team.

Will Messi play v Orlando?

— Inter Miami coach Gerardo Tata Martino has confirmed that Lionel Messi will not be fit for Sunday’s game against Florida rival Orlando City, after revealing that the World Cup winner is still dealing with a scar tissue problem suffered while with the Argentina national team earlier this month.

Why Messi going to Miami?

After winning the World Cup and not being able to return to Barcelona, it was my turn to go to the league of the United States to live football in another way, Messi said. He didn’t take the money. He didn’t choose the memories. He picked Miami instead.

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How much is Messi in Miami?

Messi’s total package with Inter Miami over the two and a half year contract is valued at $150 million, which includes equity in the club upon his retirement. The salary figures reported do not include Messi’s sponsorship deals with Apple TV, adidas, and other companies.

Is Messi leaving Miami?

Lionel Messi has quashed speculation that he will leave Inter Miami on loan to play for another club once the MLS season ends. Inter Miami, which did not reach the MLS playoffs, takes on Charlotte FC in its last game Saturday.

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