Is The Pat McAfee Show going to ESPN?

Is The Pat McAfee Show going to ESPN?

Led by host McAfee, the show launched on ESPN platforms on Sept. 7, joining ESPN’s established personality-packed weekday lineup of Get Up (8 a.m.) and First Take (10 a.m.).

Is Pat McAfee leaving GameDay?

News of McAfee potentially not returning to “College GameDay” comes after he signed a multiyear deal with ESPN in early September to join the show as a full-time analyst. He previously appeared on “College GameDay” as an analyst in 2022 and contributed to ESPN’s college football postseason coverage.

How much is ESPN paying Pat McAfee?

ESPN’s Pat McAfee brought his hit television show over to the network as part of his five-year, $85 million contract that he signed earlier this year.

Why did Pat McAfee walk off his show?

TV viewers have lauded Pat McAfee after he walked off the set of his show on Friday. The 36-year-old former All-Pro punter turned broadcaster departed the set of The Pat McAfee Show after compliments from guest Stephen A. Smith proved too much to take.

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How are Pat McAfee’s ratings?

7–29, show his popularity has continued, averaging 1.4 million viewers per show across both platforms. Viewership on “College GameDay” is averaging 1.956 million, the second-most-watched year of the show, behind only 2.043 million viewers in 2022.

Is Pat McAfee leaving YouTube?

McAfee made the announcement today that, starting this fall, his show will be televised by ESPN and ESPN+. It also will remain available for free on YouTube, via ESPN’s channel there.

Did Pat McAfee get suspended?

Colts punter Pat McAfee returned to the team today after serving a one-game suspension due to a recent public-intoxication arrest. Stand-up guy didn’t need any coaching, I’m told. He spoke from the heart and said what was on his mind. Rather than let any more of my words cloud the subject, here’s his apology.

Why doesn’t Pat McAfee play football anymore?

On February 2, 2017, after eight seasons, McAfee retired from the NFL and stated he intended to join Barstool Sports as a contributor. He cited his recent knee operation (his third in four seasons) as a factor in his decision, as well as his fractured relationship with Colts’ general manager Ryan Grigson.

What network is Pat McAfee going to?

On September 7, 2023, The Pat McAfee Show moved to ESPN as part of a five-year $85 million deal, though neither Pat McAfee nor ESPN have confirmed that the deal is in fact $85 million. The first two hours of the show air on the main ESPN network, while all three hours air on ESPN+ and ESPN’s YouTube Channel.

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Is Pat McAfee a billionaire?

According to the site, McAfee is currently worth an estimated $30 million. But let’s talk about how much that will change in the future. After retiring from the NFL as a punter, McAfee did join Barstool Sports after earning over $15 million during his NFL career.

Does Pat McAfee pay his guests?

An agent with significant broadcast clients told me Thursday that McAfee, as he told The New York Post, is very generous with these deals when it comes to major figures who have contributed to his show as guests. The agent estimated McAfee paid them between $500,000 and $1.5 million annually.

What was Pat McAfee salary in NFL?

According to recent estimations, McAfee’s net worth was around $30 million just before he signed his massive deal with ESPN, having earned around $14 million during his NFL career as a punter, per Spotrac.

What does Pat McAfee stream on?

Watch The Pat McAfee Show online | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

Why did AJ Hawk leaving Pat McAfee?

FORMER NFL star A.J. Hawk didn’t appear impressed when the talk turned to Formula One racing during The Pat McAfee Show. The ex-Green Bay Packers linebacker, 39, mysteriously quit the show after colleague Darius Butler began to discuss F1.

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