Is Western & Southern Open moving?

Is Western & Southern Open moving?

CHARLOTTE — A world-renowned tennis tournament will not be relocating to Charlotte, meaning there is no future for the proposed tennis complex that would go into the future River District. The Western & Southern Open is going to stay in Cincinnati, according to a post on X that was shared Tuesday.

Is the Western and Southern tennis moving to North Carolina?

Tennis coach reacts to Western & Southern Open not coming to North Carolina. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Despite efforts this year to bring it to North Carolina, a world-class tennis tournament is staying in Ohio.

Who bought Western Southern Open?

Beemok Capital acquired the tournament in October 2022 from the United States Tennis Association and soon thereafter began evaluating the opportunity to keep it in its current location or relocate it to Charlotte.

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Is western and southern leaving Cincinnati?

The Western & Southern Open is staying in Mason, as the city successfully fended off a bid from Charlotte, North Carolina that would have seen the tournament head to the Tar Heel State for 2025 and beyond. The tournament, which has been played in Cincinnati since 1899, posted the news to social media Tuesday morning.

Why is it called Western and Southern Open?

The Cincinnati Open (also known as the Cincinnati Masters and currently branded as the Western & Southern Open for sponsorship reasons) is an annual professional tennis event held in Cincinnati, United States. It is played on outdoor hard courts at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio, and is held in August.

How old is the Western Southern Open?

Founded in 1899 the Western & Southern Open has called Cincinnati home for over 124 years, with the last 44 years in Mason. The tournament is the oldest tennis event in the U.S. held in its place of origin and is the second largest summer tennis event in the U.S. after the U.S. Open.

What city is the western and southern open in?

Since 1974, the tournament has contributed more than $12 million to various beneficiaries including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the UC Health Cancer Center and Tennis for City Youth. The Western & Southern Open is held annually at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio.

In what state was tennis first played in America?

Tennis was first played in the U.S. on a grass court set up on the Estate of Col. William Appleton in Nahant, Massachusetts by James Dwight, Richard Dudley Sears and Fred Sears in 1874.

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Is the tennis tournament staying in Cincinnati?

According to a press release, the tournament will remain in Mason at the Lindner Family Tennis Centre for another 25 years. The 2024 edition will mark the 125th year of the tournament. Founded in 1899, the event is the United States’ longest-running professional tennis tournament played in its city of origin.

Who is the CEO of Western Southern?

Western & Southern companies are led by John F. Barrett, Chairman, President & CEO of Western & Southern Mutual Holding Company, Western & Southern Financial Group, Inc., The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, and Western-Southern Life Assurance Company.

Is the Cincinnati Open moving next year?

MASON, Ohio (AP) — The nation’s longest-running tennis tournament is staying in Cincinnati. Amid speculation the tournament would move, Beemok Capital announced Tuesday that the Western & Southern Open will be played just outside of Cincinnati for another 25 years.

Who owns Beemok Capital?

Description: Beemok Capital is the family office of Charleston businessman and philanthropist Benjamin Navarro.

Why did people move to Cincinnati?

After the end of the Civil War in 1865, free blacks and fugitive slaves came across the Ohio River to Cincinnati seeking better lives and less prejudice. After the Great Depression of the 1930s, Appalachian families from rural areas sought new hope as they came across the Ohio River into Cincinnati for work.

Who owns the Cincinnati tennis tournament?

Beemok Capital, which bought the Cincinnati Masters tournament from the U.S. Tennis Association in 2022, did not answer questions about the naming rights change. It provided a statement: “We are embarking on a new era for this historic tennis tournament.

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Why move to Cincinnati?

A Booming Job Market Home to several Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati’s job market is diverse and healthy, so people moving to Cincinnati won’t have trouble finding great job opportunities. The city is perfect for young professionals in major industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

What are the dates of the Western and Southern Open?

2023 Western & Southern Open
Date 13–20 August
Edition 122nd (men) / 95th (women)
Category ATP Tour Masters 1000 (men) WTA 1000 (women)
Surface Hard

What is the prize money for Cincinnati Open?

The winner on the men’s side will take home a generous $1,019,335 paycheck, while the runner-up will pocket $556,630, which has increased by 5% for both compared to last year. In doubles, the champion pair will earn $312,740, and the runner-up team will split $169,880, which are 7.8% jumps over 2022.

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