What can I say instead of moving forward?

What can I say instead of moving forward?

What is another word for moving forward?

advancing progressing
going forward going ahead
making headway moving ahead
pushing on pressing on
going on making progress

What is the meaning of moving forward?

1. To advance in position or progress. The player moved forward and kicked the ball toward the net. We’ve had some setbacks, but it’s important that we keep moving forward with our original schedule in mind. 2.

What is another word for in the future?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for future, like: prospective, forthcoming, coming time, anticipated, inevitable, in the course of time, immediate-future, in-the-future, tomorrow, impending and destined.

Do you say going forward or moving forward?

The term ‘moving forward’ has the same meaning as ‘going forward. ‘ ‘Moving forward’ is also relatively new. Many people do not like the term. In fact, some people even find it annoying, along with other ‘new’ terms like ‘period of time.

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What is a synonym for bright future?

bright future ahead > synonyms »great future exp. 3. »golden future exp. 1. »better future exp.

What is another word for future plan?

foresight Add to list Share

  • seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing. synonyms: farsightedness, prevision, prospicience. type of: knowing. a clear and certain mental apprehension.
  • providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future. synonyms: foresightedness, foresightfulness. types: vision.

What’s another word for better future?

better future > synonyms »better tomorrow exp. »better world exp. »brighter tomorrow exp. »prosperous future exp.

What does moving forward means in email?

“Moving forward” is often said after some kind of dispute, where “moving forward” reflects an attempt to leave the bad feelings behind. This is how I see it too. It’s usually used in the sense of “leaving all that aside and moving on from it…”

What is the meaning of move onward?

: toward or at a point lying ahead in space or time : forward. onward. adjective. Definition of onward (Entry 2 of 2) : directed or moving onward : forward.

What is the meaning of brighter future?

One is poised or has the potential for a very successful life or career in the future. Your daughter is one of the best students I’ve had in years. She has a very bright future ahead of her. You’ve got a bright future ahead if you can keep up such an impressive level of performance.

What is another word for most promising?

synonyms for more promising

  • happy.
  • likely.
  • lucky.
  • propitious.
  • roseate.
  • rosy.
  • assuring.
  • reassuring.

What is a synonym for changing?

adjustment, advance, development, difference, diversity, innovation, modification, reversal, revision, revolution, shift, switch, transformation, transition, variation, turnaround, adjust, alter, diminish, evolve.

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What is the word for seeing the future?

precognition. (redirected from Seeing the future)

What is it called when you plan ahead?

To prepare and think about in advance. think ahead. plan. orchestrate. prepare.

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