What do you mean by relocation?

What do you mean by relocation?

/ˌriː.loʊˈkeɪ.ʃən/ the act of moving or moving something or someone from one place to another, or an example of this: We are likely to see the temporary relocation of some of our staff.

What’s the difference between relocation and moving?

“Relocating” technically means the same thing, although they could be different in slight ways. The term relocation is usually used more formally, especially if you are looking to move a considerable distance. In this case, an international relocation involves moving to another country.

What is moving a house called?

A structure relocation is the process of moving a structure from one location to another. There are two main ways for a structure to be moved: disassembling and then reassembling it at the required destination, or transporting it whole.

What is job relocation?

What is Job Relocation? A relocation occurs when you move to another city or state for a job and must leave behind your present life; your home, family and friends. People relocate for jobs every day for a variety of reasons. A relocation takes a lot of thought and planning.

What is another word for relocate?

What is another word for relocate?

move transfer
shift remove
displace reposition
transpose dislocate
budge disturb

What is a synonym for relocation?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for relocation. dislocation, migration.

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