What does acquiesce mean mean?

What does acquiesce mean mean?

Definition of acquiesce intransitive verb. : to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively —often used with in or to.

What is another synonym for acquiesce?

Some common synonyms of acquiesce are accede, agree, assent, consent, and subscribe. While all these words mean “to concur with what has been proposed,” acquiesce implies tacit acceptance or forbearance of opposition. acquiesced to his boss’s wishes.

How do you use acquiescence in a sentence?

Acquiescence sentence example

  1. It is true that silence does not necessarily mean acquiescence. …
  2. The whole position was changed by the acquiescence, which became universal, in the doctrine of Darwin. …
  3. He was singularly unfortunate even when he gave in, delaying his acquiescence until it had the air of a surrender.

What does acquiescence mean example?

1 : passive acceptance or submission : the act of acquiescing or the state of being acquiescent I was surprised by his acquiescence to their demands.

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What is acquiescence in psychology?

personality assessment The response set called acquiescence, for example, refers to one’s tendency to respond with “true” or “yes” answers to questionnaire items regardless of what the item content is.

How do you say the word acquiescence?

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What is the opposite of acquiescent?

Opposite of willing to accept or agree to something without objection or resistance. resistant. defiant. dissident. unwilling.

What part of speech is acquiesce?

verb (used without object), ac·qui·esced, ac·qui·esc·ing. to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent: to acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan.

Is Obduration a word?

Obduration definition (obsolete) A hardening of the heart; hardness of heart.

How do you use acquiesce in first person?

Acquiesce sentence example. He will acquiesce simply because he is a sick man. Will they acquiesce in that sorry state of affairs? The committee will acquiesce in any decision on which it is not fully informed.

How do you use connive in a sentence?

They have committed and connived at the most appalling crimes. We connived by failing to take action in time—the quite simple action that anybody who knew anything about the situation knew was absolutely necessary. We have been charged with conniving at breaches of the law.

What does I disinclined to acquiesce to your request mean?

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What is silent acquiescence?

Estoppel by acquiescence is different from estoppel by laches as acquiescence involves an intentional act of the party who is accused of acquiescence, while laches may result from conduct that is not voluntary. Silence is acquiescence (aka. silent acquiescence and acquiescence by silence).

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What is passive acquiescence?

1 not active or not participating perceptibly in an activity, organization, etc. 2 unresisting and receptive to external forces; submissive.

What is the principle of acquiescence?

The Court explained that the doctrine of acquiescence is an equitable doctrine which applies when a party having a right stands by and sees another dealing in a manner inconsistent with that right, while the act is in progress and after violation is completed, which conduct reflects his assent or accord.

Is acquiescence a bias?

What is acquiescence bias? According to Qualtrics, acquiescence bias is “the tendency for survey respondents to agree with research statements, without the action being a true reflection of their own position or the question itself.”

How do you avoid acquiescence response?

To minimise acquiescence bias, the researcher should review and adjust any questions which might elicit a favourable answer including binary response formats such as “Yes/No”, “True/False”, and “Agree/Disagree”.

What acquiescent responding?

Acquiescence bias, also known as agreement bias, is a category of response bias common to survey research in which respondents have a tendency to select a positive response option or indicate a positive connotation disproportionately more frequently.

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