What does it mean to say moving parts?

What does it mean to say moving parts?

Lots of moving parts → it’s a complicated situation with variables that might change. This expression originates from mechanical engineering for when parts of a system are in motion. A car’s engine has lots of moving parts.

What does a few moving pieces mean?

““Moving parts” are simply words to describe any situation that is complex and constantly changing.

What is an example of lots of moving parts?

An Example of ‘Lots of Moving Parts’ The construction of a new building has multiple aspects that need to be considered and managed.

How do you use moving parts in a sentence?

  1. Some other major moving parts of the morning. …
  2. So there are lots of moving parts here. …
  3. But there are still many moving parts and a huge challenge to balance costs. …
  4. There are many moving parts behind the numbers and huge uncertainty over what happens next.
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What is a word for moving things around?

rotatetravel. Strong matches. actuatecirclegyratemobilizeradiaterevolvewander.

What is another word for moving something?

to change the place or position of I need you to move all your books off that chair before company gets here. relocate. remove. transfer. shift.

When something is very moving?

If something is moving, it makes you feel an emotion such as sadness, pity, or sympathy very strongly. It is very moving to see how much strangers can care for each other. Synonyms: emotional, touching, affecting, exciting More Synonyms of moving.

What does move mean in slang?

Move is a verb in slang form and it is used to. represent selling. To sell something is to move it.. If. you have sold units of something you have moved it.

What does move it mean in slang?

idiom. US, informal. : to start moving or going quickly. We’d better move it if we don’t want to be late.

What has the most moving parts?

6 Answers. Well, one with a lot of moving parts would be an hourglass. Each grain of salt is a ‘moving part’.

What are the moving parts in a car?

  • The engine block. …
  • Combustion chamber. …
  • Cylinders and cylinder heads. …
  • Pistons. …
  • Crankshaft. …
  • Fuel injectors. …
  • Spark plugs.

What are the three types of move?

  • Local Moves. Moving within the same city, or even neighboring locations, are considered to be local moves. …
  • Long Distance Moves. …
  • Interstate Moves. …
  • International Moves. …
  • Corporate Moves. …
  • Moving Cars and Special Items.

What are some examples of moving?

  • involved in changing the location of possessions, a residence, office, etc.: moving expenses.
  • involving a motor vehicle in motion.
  • actuating, instigating, or impelling: the moving spirit behind the party.
  • stirring or evoking strong feelings or emotions, especially touchingly or pathetically: a moving story.
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What is a good sentence for move?

Noun He made a sudden move that scared away the squirrel. an athlete who has some good moves The policeman warned him not to make any false moves. He was afraid to make a move. No one is sure what his next move will be.

What is the meaning of working parts?

1. : the moving parts that are inside a machine : the working parts of something.

What can moving parts cause?

Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Amputations, lacerations, and abrasions are costly and have the potential to increase workers’ compensation premiums.

What are examples of moving parts of machinery?

These components include flywheels, pulleys, belts, connecting rods, coupling, cams, spindles, chains, cranks, and gears. Other Moving Parts – parts of the machine which move while the machine is working.

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