What framework does Swiggy use?

What framework does Swiggy use?

Another popular on-demand food ordering and delivery app, Swiggy is also based on Kotlin. In fact, 74% of the Swiggy app is written in the Kotlin programming language.

Who designed Swiggy app?

History. In 2013, the two founders, Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy, designed an e-commerce website called Bundl to facilitate courier service and shipping within India.

How does Swiggy delivery system work?

Just In Time Assignment (JIT) As soon as an order is placed on Swiggy, two wheels are set into motion: on one side, the restaurant starts preparing an order and on the other side, the system searches for nearby Delivery Executives and assigns them so they can head to the restaurant and pick up the order.

How do you design an ordering system?

Here we have jotted down all the essential points to help you increase orders.

  1. Make the menu-browsing experience seamless. …
  2. Offer multiple payment options. …
  3. Make use of eye catchy images. …
  4. Give out Offers and Discounts. …
  5. Pay attention to menu item descriptions. …
  6. A/B test your online ordering page. …
  7. Make use of customer reviews.

Does Swiggy use Microservices?

See engineering challenges at Swiggy blog for a description of computational complexity and overview of the problem space. We operate over 400+ microservices in production with over 130+ microservices directly participating in the order fulfilment path (from rendering the home page to food delivered at your doorstep!).

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Does Swiggy use flutter?

SwiggyUI. SwiggyUI App is a UI clone of a famous food ordering app called Swiggy built using Flutter.

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