What happens if you skip a weight station?

What happens if you skip a weight station?

Drivers run the risk of being fired or put on probation. Most fleet companies have zero tolerance for this. Drivers may be asked to turn their trucks around and return to the missed weigh station, resulting in vital lost travel time. Once returned to the weigh station, the truck may be subject to an inspection.

Is it illegal to go around a weigh station?

The penalties for not stopping at a weigh station vary state by state. In some states, you may risk losing your CDL; in others, you could be facing jail time.

What is weigh station bypass service?

So what is a Weigh Station Bypass program? At its core, these bypass solutions allow eligible carriers and vehicles to skip mobile inspection sites across the US and Canada. They were designed to reward carriers that have good safety scores, while also keeping inspection sites running more efficiently.

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What is scale bypass?

The bypass service, provided by Drivewyze PreClear, uses GPS transponder technology to notify an on-duty Highway Enforcement Officer that a registered vehicle is approaching the scales. The driver receives a hands-free audible and visual in-cab notification advising when they can bypass the scales.

How much is the fine for not stopping at a weigh station in NSW?

What are the Penalties for Failing to Stop? The maximum penalty that a court can impose for failing to stop at a HVSS is a fine of $6850. If you require any further information on HVSS or any other legal matter call us on 1300 038 223 or send us an email.

What happens if you run a scale in California?

In addition to fines, a scale violation can also result in the vehicle being placed out of service. This means that the vehicle is not allowed to be operated until the violation is corrected and the vehicle is re-inspected.

How do you get around a weigh station?

You can either change your route ahead of time by looking at a map, or you can exit the highway before you reach the weigh station and take an alternate route then. A map app will be able to show you alternate routes you can take that will lead you to your destination, but they may add time to your trip.

Are there apps to avoid weigh stations?

Drivewyze® PreClear is the trucker app that saves you time, money and hassles, by letting you bypass weigh stations using your iOS device across North America. For a complete and updated list of supported states and sites, visit http://drivewyze.com/coverage-map.

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Is there an app to see if scales are open?

With the Trucker Path app you can verify if a weigh station is OPEN or CLOSED.

What is the best weigh station bypass service?

PrePass is the most comprehensive, widely utilized weigh station bypass system in North America. There are PrePass-equipped sites across every corridor north to south, east to west and hundreds of places in between. With PrePass, pre-cleared vehicles can continue at highway speeds without having to stop.

What is a bypass signal?

Bypass refers to allowing a signal to pass through a device without affecting (processing) the signal, i.e., “dry“. The signal is, however, affected by any input buffers, which can impart a character or slightly degrade the signal.

What is the meaning of PrePass?

PrePass is an intelligent transportation system (ITS) that electronically verifies the safety, credentials, and weight of commercial vehicles as they approach participating state highway weigh stations.

What does bypass mean in engineering?

bypass in Mechanical Engineering A bypass is a way of diverting a flow of fluid around a system. There has to be a bypass – another way for water to flow around the system if all the valves are closed. A bypass is a system of pipes and valves permitting the diversion of flow or pressure around a line valve.

How many weigh stations are in the US?

In many states, the majority of weight inspections are conducted at weigh stations. These facilities intercept commercial vehicles entering or passing through a State on major highways. Currently, approximately 680 weigh stations are in operation in the United States.

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What is the red and green light on the PrePass?

A green light or “Bypass” alert give the go- ahead to bypass the weigh station. If weight or credentials cannot be verified, or if a random selection, a red light or “Pull In” alert displays. A PrePass computer located in the weigh station verifies your truck and/or fleet credentials.

Who is required to go through weigh stations in Florida?

So, Florida production-type vehicles, manufacture or storage vehicles, sale, agriculture, horticulture, livestock, product or transportation vehicles. Then you have private passenger vehicles exceeding 10 passengers, or 10,000 pounds or more,” he said. “When in doubt, go ahead and stop.

Who has to stop at weigh stations in Indiana?

Indiana: Trucks with a GVW of 10,000 lbs or higher must stop. Iowa: Any peace officer with reason to believe the weight of a vehicle and its load is unlawful can stop the driver and submit the vehicle to weighing at a portable or stationary scale or require the vehicle to be driven to the nearest public scales.

Who has to stop at weigh stations in Illinois?

Overweight Vehicles All vehicles weighing 16,000 pounds or more gross weight must stop at any official weighing station. Refusal to allow a load to be weighed after being directed to do so by an officer may result in a fine.

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