What happens when a moving ball strikes a ball at rest?

What happens when a moving ball strikes a ball at rest?

When a moving billiard ball collides head-on with a ball at rest, the first ball comes to rest and the second ball moves away with a velocity equal to the initial velocity of the first ball. Momentum is transferred from the first ball to the second ball. collision.

When a ball at a billiard table hits another ball?

Answer and Explanation: When a billiard ball (pool ball) hits another billiard ball, the ball will bounce off and the two balls with travel with their own velocities. This is important for the game of pool as the goal is to bounce a ball into the pockets using the cue ball.

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What happens when a moving pool billiard ball hits a stationary one?

Due to the collision of the moving billiard ball to the stationary ball, the stationary ball will be set into motion. This happens because of the momentum transfer from the moving ball to the stationary ball. The initial momentum of the moving ball will be shared by both balls after the collision.

What is the best description of one billiard ball hitting a second billiard ball?

Expert-Verified Answer The best description of one billiard ball hitting a second billiard ball is all of the kinetic energy in the first ball is transferred to the second ball.

Is there a penalty for hitting a moving ball?

The general principle in golf, as laid out in Rule 10.1(d), is that you must play the ball at rest and can’t make a stroke at a moving ball, lest you indeed incur the general penalty of two strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play.

What happens when a moving object collides with a stationary object?

In a collision between two objects of identical mass, the acceleration values could be different. Total momentum is always conserved between any two objects involved in a collision. When a moving object collides with a stationary object of identical mass, the stationary object encounters the greater collision force.

When one billiard ball hits another one that is initially at rest how do they rebound?

Once Ball 1 hits Ball 2, it immediately starts accelerating it at the same rate that it decelerates. In other words, Ball 1 exerts the same force on Ball 2 that Ball 2 exerts on Ball 1. In this way, momentum is conserved, so that for any amount of momentum that Ball 2 gains, Ball 1 loses.

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When a ball at a billiard table hits another ball it is an example of elastic collision?

In the given case, the forces involved are conserved. This is because they depend on the separation between the centres of the billiard balls. Hence, the collision is elastic.

When two billiard balls collide?


What happens if you move a ball in pool?

Any balls moved accidentally during a shot will be replaced by the opponent after the shot is over and all the balls have stopped rolling. If it occurs before the shot, it will be replaced before the shot is taken. i.

Can you hit a moving ball in pool?

It is a foul to begin a shot while any ball in play is moving or spinning.

What happens if you hit the other ball in pool?

According to world pool rules, as long as you play a legal shot (hit your target ball first, and then either pot a ball or touch a cushion), you are fine. There is no foul for sinking an opponents ball. If you only sink your opponents ball, it’s simply their shot next —as if you sunk nothing.

What happens when a moving ball hits a stationary ball of equal mass?

Elastic Collision, Equal Masses For a head-on collision with a stationary object of equal mass, the projectile will come to rest and the target will move off with equal velocity, like a head-on shot with the cue ball on a pool table.

Why does moving ball come to rest?

A ball moving on the ground eventually stops because of frictional force between the ball and the ground. Friction opposes the relative motion between two surfaces in contact. It acts on both surfaces.

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What makes a moving ball comes to rest?

Frictional force is a contact force that opposes the relative motion of an object. In this example, the frictional force between the ground and the ball makes the ball to come to rest.

What happens when a very heavy ball collides with a light stationary ball?

In a head-on elastic collision where the projectile is much more massive than the target, the velocity of the target particle after the collision will be about twice that of the projectile and the projectile velocity will be essentially unchanged. So, the second ball will move with a speed approximately equal to 2v.

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