What happens when a moving pool billiard ball hits a stationary one?

What happens when a moving pool billiard ball hits a stationary one?

Due to the collision of the moving billiard ball to the stationary ball, the stationary ball will be set into motion. This happens because of the momentum transfer from the moving ball to the stationary ball. The initial momentum of the moving ball will be shared by both balls after the collision.

When a billiard ball moving with a speed of 5 Metre per second collides with an identical ball?

It is a case of elastic collision. As masses of two balls are equal and 2nd ball is at rest before collision, hence after the collision the speeds are just exchanged, ie, 1st ball will now come to rest while the second ball will move forward with the same speed as that of the first ie, 5ms−1.

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Why the billiard ball stopped suddenly after striking a stationary ball?

If the cue ball strikes a stationary billiard ball straight on, then the cue ball will stop moving after the collision. It will have transferred all of its kinetic energy to the other ball, which will move forward with the same velocity that the cue ball had before the collision.

What type of collision was two moving billiard balls collide and bounce off one another moving in opposite directions?

After an elastic collision, the two billiards balls bounce off in opposite directions at equal speeds. In this case, both the momentum and kinetic energy stay the same before and after the collision. The kinetic energy of the objects remains constant after an elastic collision.

What is the motion of billiard ball?

The motion of the billiard ball is a one-dimensional motion.

What is the formula for a 2d collision?

Two-dimensional collisions of point masses where mass 2 is initially at rest conserve momentum along the initial direction of mass 1 (the x-axis), stated by m1v1 = m1v′1 cos θ1 + m2v′2 cos θ2 and along the direction perpendicular to the initial direction (the y-axis) stated by 0 = m1v′1y + m2v′2y.

When a billiard ball collides with another billiard ball at angle is momentum still conserved?

Since they have the same mass, Ball 1 will decelerate at the same rate Ball 2 accelerates. However, after a certain amount of time, both balls will have the same amount of momentum in the same direction.

When a billiard ball collides in an elastic head-on collision with a second stationary identical ball after the collision?

1 Expert Answer Since the billiard balls are of equal mass, when this situation occurs in an elastic collision all of the momentum from the first ball will be transferred to the second ball giving a final velocity of the second ball of 12 m/s.

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When two billiard balls collide?


What is the formula for total momentum?

The total momentum (ptot) of a system is equal to the sum of the momenta of all objects within that system. p t o t = p 1 + p 2 + p 3 + . . . Furthermore, the momentum of each of the individual objects in the system is equal to the mass (m) of that object multiplied by its velocity (v).

What is the difference between pool and billiards?

Billiards is played on a table without pockets. The game only has three balls, which are red, white (with a spot), and another white one (without a spot). Pool involves a table with six pockets. You need 15 balls, but some people play with just nine.

What causes a stationary ball to move?

An object will stay in place until a force sets it in motion. The pull of gravity is a force that might set an object (or a skier) in motion. The pull or push of a magnet is another force that can move objects. The force you exert with your legs or arms can set a ball in motion.

Can you hit a moving ball in pool?

It is a foul to begin a shot while any ball in play is moving or spinning.

What happens when two billiard balls collide?


What happens if you move a pool table?

Pool tables are not designed to be moved in one piece. You will need to disassemble the legs, felt, rails and slate and then reassemble them in your pool table’s new location.

What happens if you accidentally hit another ball in pool?

If the accidental movement occurs between shots, the ball must be replaced by the opponent before the shot is taken. If the accidental movement occurs during a shot, all balls accidentally moved must be replaced by the opponent after the shot is over and all balls have stopped rolling.

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