What Is A Moving Company Quote

What is a moving company quote?

An estimate of the cost of your move will be given to you in the form of moving quotes by a moving company. The standard tip for movers is as follows: a half-day move (4 hours or less) – $20 per person.A general rule of thumb is to tip each mover at least $10 for a half-day’s work (four hours), or $20 for a full-day’s work (eight hours). Naturally, the majority of homeowners modify this advice in accordance with the level of service, the distance of the move, and the degree of difficulty.Average hourly rate for movers for local moves, movers typically bill between $25 and $50 per hour per mover. Therefore, the cost of labor for a two-person team working for four hours will range from $200 to $400. But bear in mind that additional costs, such as those for materials, gas, and transportation, will also be incurred.The majority of long-distance movers bill by weight and mileage, so the price of your move will depend on the size and weight of your shipment as well as the separation between the pickup and delivery locations.

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When should you request a moving estimate?

A good window of time is between four and six weeks because you will need to set up a pre-move consultation (home survey), get your quote, and review it. Compare prices and make any necessary corrections. Ideally, two months before the move. At the very least, give yourself four weeks, but be aware that your options for movers will be limited if you only have a month or less until your move. Usually, two to three months in advance, good movers are booked solid.

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