What is a moving staircase called?

What is a moving staircase called?

escalator, moving staircase used as transportation between floors or levels in subways, buildings, and other mass pedestrian areas.

What is a word for moving staircase?

: a moving set of stairs that carries people up or down from one level of a building to another : escalator.

Is it possible to move a staircase?

Moving a staircase is a fairly common project and is probably not as difficult as it appears. Moving a staircase is often easier than building a new one if the floor heights are the same in both locations.

Where are the moving staircases?

Where to find Moving Staircase in Hogwarts Legacy. Moving Staircase can be found In the Grand Staircase, it can be encountered as you go up the stairs. Easiest accessible from the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flames.

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