What Is The Difference Between A Local And An Interstate Move

What is the difference between a local and an interstate move?

Compared to local moves, interstate moves typically take more time and effort. Any move that crosses state lines is deemed an interstate move, in general. This means that a move is regarded as interstate even if it only involves a few miles and takes place in another state. An intrastate move takes place over a greater distance within the same state than a local move, which typically happens when moving between two locations that are 50 miles or less apart. This is obviously in contrast to an interstate move, which occurs when moving across state lines.A long-distance move that typically crosses states is referred to as an interstate move. A move across state lines typically costs between $4,300 and $4,800 and covers a distance of about 1,200 miles, according to the American Moving and Storage Association.

What exactly qualifies as a long distance move?

For the majority of moving companies, a move is generally regarded as long-distance if it is more than 400 miles away. If you are moving from one state into another, a long-distance move may also be referred to as interstate moving or long-haul moving. For a typical long-distance move as well as a local move, a good rule of thumb is 15 to 20 percent of the overall moving cost.

How far apart must you be to qualify as long distance?

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