What is the initial speed of a car moving a distance of 60 m in 6 s if the final speed was 15 m s?

What is the initial speed of a car moving a distance of 60 m in 6 s if the final speed was 15 m s?

Originally Answered: A car moving with constant acceleration covered the distance between two points 60.0 m apart in 6.00 s. Its speed as it passed the second point was 15.0 m/s. What was the speed at the first point? The average speed is 10m/s, so if the final is 15 the initial must have been 5m/s.

Are the bodies moving with uniform acceleration?

When the body travels in a straight line and the velocity of a body changes uniformly at the same rate,the acceleration is said to be uniform or constant acceleration . If the velocity does not change with time ,the acceleration will be zero.

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What is the formula for speed to distance?

speed = distance ÷ time. distance = speed × time.

What is the formula for speed time displacement?

If there is no acceleration, we have the formula: s=vt where s is the displacement, v the (constant) velocity and t the time over which the motion occurred.

Is uniform acceleration always zero?

Define Uniform Acceleration Constant Acceleration doesn’t mean zero Velocity. So the definition of Uniform Acceleration or Uniform Acceleration definition states that- if a body is under Motion such that the amount of change in its Velocity in equal intervals of time will be constant.

What is the acceleration of a body moving with uniform velocity Class 9?

The acceleration of body moving with uniform velocity is zero, because there is no change in velocity.

What is uniform acceleration class 9th?

When an object is traveling in a straight line with an increase in velocity at equal intervals of time, then the object is said to be in uniform acceleration. The free fall of an object is an example of uniform acceleration.

What are the 3 types of speed?

  • Uniform speed.
  • Variable speed.
  • Average speed.
  • Instantaneous speed.

What is the SI unit of speed?

The SI unit of speed is the meter per second, abbreviated as m/s or ms-1.

Is acceleration same as speed?

While speed is distance covered in a unit of time, acceleration is the rate of change of speed that also takes into consideration direction.

What is a car accelerates from 6m s to 18m s in 12 seconds?

A car accelerates from 6ms-¹ to 18ms-¹ . Now, Acceleration produce by the car is 1 ms-² . Hence, distance covered by the car in 12 seconds is 144 m .

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What is the initial speed of a car if it travels 50 m distance in 4 second with acceleration of 5 metre per second square?

If a car travels 50 m distance in 4 s with a acceleration of 5 m/s2, then what was its initial speed? [Ans. 2.5 m/s]

What is the meant by the average speed of a moving car is 60 km h?

When we say that the car travels at an average speed of 60 km/h it does not mean that the car would be moving with the speed of 60 km/h throughout the journey. The actual speed of the car may be less than or greater than the average speed at a particular instant of time.

What is the distance a car accelerates from 6ms to 16ms in 10 seconds?

= 110 m. Brakes applied to a car produces an acceleration of 6 m/^2.

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