What is the length of a meter stick moving parallel?

What is the length of a meter stick moving parallel?

Since the velocity of the meter stick is close to the speed of light, we can approximate v^2/c^2 to be 1. This implies that the length of the meter stick in motion is effectively zero.

How fast is a meter stick moving with respect to you if it appears as 0.5 m long to you?

Answer and Explanation: In order to observe a meter stick to shrink its length to 0.5 meters, it must move at a speed of 2.6 × 10 8 m s .

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How fast must a meter stick be moving if its length is observed to shrink to 0.500 m?

Expert-Verified Answer Hence, for the length of the metre stick to be observed to shrink to 0.500m, it must be moving at a rate of roughly 0.866 times the speed of light, or about 259,800 km/s.

What are the two sides of a meter stick?

Product Description. This meterstick has millimeters, centimeters & decimeters on one side, inches on reverse. One meter long.

How long is 1 meter stick?

A meter stick is a little over 3 feet long, because a meter is approximately 3.2 feet. A meter stick closely compares to a yard stick. For instances where a yard stick would be used for customary units, a meter stick would be used to measure metric units.

How long is 2 meter sticks in feet?

Meter (m) Feet (ft)
2 m 6.5616 ft
3 m 9.8425 ft
4 m 13.1233 ft
5 m 16.4041 ft

Is the length of a meter stick exactly 1 m?

A meter stick is exactly 1 meter (100 cm) long. In terms of feet, it is a little bit more than 3 feet (about 3.2 feet long). It is because 1 meter is approximately equal to 3.28084 feet. A meter stick is 1 meter long, which is divided into 100 centimeters.

How fast and in what direction something is moving measured in meters per second?

Velocity is a vector quantity that indicates both the magnitude and direction of an object’s movement. It is concerned with the rate at which the object’s position changes over a time interval. A speed or velocity measurement in m/s is considered either average or instantaneous.

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What is the accuracy of the meter stick to cm?

We can say that the measuring instrument is readable to ±0.05 cm. The ±0.05 cm means that your measurement may be off by as much as 0.05 cm above or below its true value. This value is called the uncertainty or the precision of the instrument.

What will happen if the meter stick is not strictly horizontal?

If the meter stick is not strictly horizontal it will start oscillating about the center of the stick once it is allowed to balance. The torque balance can be applied on the stick.

What is the smallest measurement the meter stick will make?

That is, the millimeter is the smallest subdivision on the meter stick, which can be seen in Figure 1. This means the millimeter is the unit of the smallest reading that can be made without estimating. Figure 1.

How do you find the reaction time of a meter stick?

We can use the distance the meter stick fell before you caught it to figure out your reaction time. The following formula is the basis: d = 1/2 gt2. In this formula, “d” equals the distance the object fell, “g” equals gravitational acceleration (9.8 m/s2), and “t” is the time the object was falling.

How do you measure length with a meter stick?


How long is a metre stick in CM?

A meter has 100 centimeters.

How long is one meter stick in cm?

Answer: 1 meter is 100 centimeters.

How do we perceive the length of a moving meter stick?

An observer measuring a relativistically moving meter stick will measure its length to be shorter than its rest length. The stationary observer will say that this is because the observer of the moving stick measured the position of the front and the rear at different times.

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