What is the momentum of a 100 kilogram fullback?

What is the momentum of a 100 kilogram fullback?

Solution (1) Given mass of fullback is mf=100kg velocity is vf=3.5m/s as the momentum of a body is given as P= mfvf so P=100*3.5=350kgm/s Solution (2) Given:- Mass of defensive back is md=75 kg velocity is vd=5m/s momentum of defensive back…

How do you calculate momentum problems?

p = m v . p = m v . You can see from the equation that momentum is directly proportional to the object’s mass (m) and velocity (v). Therefore, the greater an object’s mass or the greater its velocity, the greater its momentum.

Is momentum in kg or G?

Momentum uses kilograms in its units. Momentum is a physical quantity which gives a measure of how much motion an object has. It is a product of the mass of an object and its speed and its units are kilogram meters per second (kg. m/s).

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What is the formula for momentum in kg?

In symbols, linear momentum p is defined to be p = mv, where m is the mass of the system and v is its velocity. The SI unit for momentum is kg · m/s. Newton’s second law of motion in terms of momentum states that the net external force equals the change in momentum of a system divided by the time over which it changes.

What is momentum calculator?

Momentum Calculator is a free online tool that displays the momentum of an object or a particle. BYJU’S online momentum calculator tool makes the calculation faster and it displays the momentum value in a fraction of seconds.

What are the 2 equations for momentum?

Momentum (P) is equal to mass (M) times velocity (v). But there are other ways to think about momentum! Force (F) is equal to the change in momentum (ΔP) over the change in time (Δt).

What are 2 examples of momentum?

  • Whenever you toss a ball at someone as well as it smacks him square in the face. It indicates how difficult it would have been to stop the thing.
  • A baseball is swooping through the air.
  • A large truck is moving.
  • A bullet discharged from such a firearm.

What is the M in physics?

Mass (symbolized m) is a dimensionless quantity representing the amount of matter in a particle or object. The standard unit of mass in the International System (SI) is the kilogram (kg).

Is momentum equal to weight?

The amount of momentum that an object has is dependent upon two variables: how much stuff is moving and how fast the stuff is moving. Momentum depends upon the variables mass and velocity. In terms of an equation, the momentum of an object is equal to the mass of the object times the velocity of the object.

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Which law is momentum?

Conservation of momentum. Newton’s second law, in its most general form, says that the rate of a change of a particle’s momentum p is given by the force acting on the particle; i.e., F = d p/dt.

How to find momentum?

Step 1: List the mass and velocity of the object. Step 2: Convert any values into SI units (kg, m, s). Step 3: Multiply the mass and velocity of the object together to get the momentum of the object.

What is P total in physics?

For a mixture of ideal gases, the total pressure exerted by the mixture equals the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert on its own. This observation, known as Dalton’s law of partial pressures, can be written as follows: P (total) = P ₁ + P ₂ + P ₃ + …

Is momentum always in kg?

The standard units for momentum are kg ⋅ m / s ‍ , and momentum is always a vector quantity. This simple relationship means that doubling either the mass or velocity of an object will simply double the momentum.

What is the momentum of a body of mass 100kg?

p=mv=100×2=200 kg m s−1.

What is the momentum of a 100 kg object at rest?

Answer and Explanation: The momentum of a 100kg boulder at rest is 0 kg*m/s. If we use our momentum equation p=mv, we can plug in the values from the problem with mass being equal to 100kg and velocity being equal to 0m/s. Velocity is equal to 0m/s because the boulder is at rest, or not moving.

What is the momentum of a body of mass 100g?

So momentum is 2kgms−1. Was this answer helpful? Find the momentum of a body of mass 100 g having a kinetic energy of 20 J. A bullet of mass 40 g is horizontally fired with a velocity 100 ms−1 from a pistol of mass 2 kg.

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How do you find the momentum of a 110 kg football player?

(a) The momentum of an object is calculated by the formula p=mv, where p is the momentum, m is the mass, and v is the velocity. So, for the football player, the momentum would be (110 kg)(8.00 m/s) = 880 kg*m/s. (b) For the football, the momentum would be (0.410 kg)(25.0 m/s) = 10.25 kg*m/s.

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