What Is The Phone Number For Eon Customer Service

What is the phone number for EON customer service?

We take providing excellent customer service seriously, and we’ll work quickly to rectify any issues. Call us at 0345 052 0000 to let us know why you’re dissatisfied. In order to discuss any issues and the options available, consumers who want to have a smart meter removed from their home should get in touch with their energy provider.Please call us at 0333 202 4832 to let us know if you do not currently want a smart meter.The biggest drawback of a smart meter is that your energy provider might switch you over to a prepayment meter without informing you. If this occurs, you will need to load money onto your meter before you can use the energy, and you will pay more because prepayment tariffs are more expensive.

Which hours for Eon are less expensive?

Depending on your meter, the off-peak hours for electricity can be any time between 11 p. Contact your energy provider if you’re unsure of when your off-peak rate begins. April 30) at 6 a. Summer: (May 1 – September 1). Off-Peak Times: Consist of all other hours, weekends, and a number of significant holidays.

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