What should I be doing 2 months before moving?

What should I be doing 2 months before moving?


  1. Get Estimates from Movers.
  2. Select a Mover and Review the Details of the Move.
  3. Collect Boxes.
  4. Begin Packing Little-used Items.
  5. Go Through Your Stuff and Identify Unwanted Items.
  6. Have a Yard Sale.
  7. Donate Items to Charity.
  8. Notify Correspondents of Your Move.

What should I do 3 months before moving?

3 Months Before You Move

  1. Declutter your home to decide what you’re going to take with you, sell, donate, or throw away.
  2. Create an inventory of the items you’ll be taking and then categorize them by room.
  3. Budget for any moving costs like moving truck rental, packing supplies, and more.

How should I prepare for moving months in advance?

The 6 Month Moving Checklist

  1. Determine Budget. Services – Professional movers versus friends/rental truck; professional packing or packing yourself. …
  2. Begin De-Cluttering. …
  3. Contingency Plans. …
  4. Research School Options — If you have school age children, it is never too early to look into education options.

What are 4 things you should do before you move in?

So, let the countdown begin!

  • Find the Perfect New Home for You. …
  • Pare Down Your Possessions. …
  • Make a Moving Inventory. …
  • Get Rid of Unneeded Items. …
  • Create a Moving Calendar. …
  • Set Up a Moving Budget. …
  • Decide on a Moving Date. …
  • Solve the Ultimate Moving Dilemma “Move Yourself or Hire Professional Movers”
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What month do most people move in?

Most Americans move between May and September, so if you’re looking for options, the best time to move is probably going to be during the spring and summer months.

How early should you start packing to move?

Q: When should you start packing to move? A: If possible, start planning your packing strategy six weeks before your move. At first, you’ll need to do the prep work, like decluttering, cleaning, and purchasing moving and packing supplies. Then, the last two to three weeks can be used for packing.

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