What type of collision is this a golf club and a ball?

What type of collision is this a golf club and a ball?

This collision is an example of an elastic collision as the golf ball returns along a similar trajectory with most of its original kinetic energy.

When a golf club strikes a golf ball what is changed?

Answer and Explanation: Thus the impulse experienced by the club and the ball is the same in magnitude. We know that the impulse is equal to the change in momentum of the object. Thus the change in the momentum of the club is equal to the change in the momentum of the ball.

Which has the greater speed if a ping pong ball and a golf ball both move with the same kinetic energy?

As the Ping-Pong ball has the smaller mass m, it must have the higher speed v in order for it to have the same KE as the golf ball. Similarly for light and heavy molecules with the same KE — the lighter molecule must be moving at a greater speed.

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When a golf club hits a golf ball?

As the golf club hits the ball, it applies its force to the ball, accelerating the ball until the golf ball leaves the club. The golf ball is experiencing a change in velocity- it is accelerating. The greater the force applied to the golf ball the greater the acceleration.

What are the 3 types of collision?

  • Perfectly elastic collision.
  • Inelastic collision.
  • Perfectly inelastic collision.

What type of collision is kicking a ball?

Examples of inelastic collisions include an interaction between a ball and the floor and interactions between cars. Elastic collisions include kicking a soccer ball and hitting two billiard balls together.

What law of motion is hitting a golf ball?


When a golf club hits a 0.0459 kg ball?

When a golf club hits a 0. 0459 kg ball at rest, it exerts a 2380 N force for 0. 00100 s.

When a golf club hits a 0.0459 kg golf ball?

When a golf club hits a 0.0459 kg ball at rest, it exerts a 2380 N force for 0.00100 s.

Is a golf club hitting a ball an inelastic collision?

Perhaps a useful way of thinking of the problem is as an elastic collision of two objects of very unequal mass. In this kind of collision, the very light mass object (the golf ball) moves away with twice the speed of the very massive object that hit it (the golf club).

What is it called when you hit a golf ball?

Swing: Golfing term for the motion you make with the club to hit the golf ball. Swing Arc: The path your clubhead takes during your swing. Swing Plane: The angle and path your club travels as you swing back from address to the top of your backswing and then back through the ball.

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How do you tell what type of collision it is?

If objects stick together, then a collision is perfectly inelastic. When objects don’t stick together, we can figure out the type of collision by finding the initial kinetic energy and comparing it with the final kinetic energy. If the kinetic energy is the same, then the collision is elastic.

What type is the collision between the ball and pendulum?

Figure 1: An inelastic collision in a ballistic pendulum. We know that only momentum is conserved in this collision, so the momentum of the projectile before the collision must be equal to the momentum of the projectile-block system immediately after the collision.

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