What Well-known Saying Relates To Change

What well-known saying relates to change?

I can’t say whether things will improve if we change, but I can say that change is necessary for things to improve. Georg C. Lichtenberg. Only change is constant. The philosopher Heraclitus. While I cannot alter the course of the world on my own, I can make a significant impact by throwing a stone across a body of water. Mother Teresa. When we can see the good in other people, life becomes simpler and more beautiful. Success isn’t about how high you’ve climbed, but rather about how you change the world for the better. Follow your heart instead of your eyes, says the proverb.Being free is beautiful, but letting go is difficult. Let’s awaken to the beauty that surrounds us and discover the beauty in the mundane. The bravest thing you’ll ever do is own your story. When you love life, life will love you back, I’ve discovered.

What are three motivating words?

Dreams are fulfilled. Don’t give up. Winners don’t give up. Success breeds more success. Make a decision as to what you want, and then act as if it is impossible to fail. If someone offers you a fantastic opportunity but you are unsure that you can take it, say yes and learn how to later. Build a door if opportunity doesn’t knock. Victory results from spotting opportunities in obstacles.

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