Where Can I Get Celebrities To Say Stuff For Money

Where can I get celebrities to say stuff for money?

A celebrity can be hired through the website Cameo to produce customized videos for customers. Only three celebrities, including Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank (also known as Mr. Conrad Ricamora from How to Get Away With Murder, who was in Wonderful ($1,500), and Tom Felton from Harry Potter, who was in Wonderful, both earned $999.Fees for renowned business leaders and well-known celebrities can reach upwards of $40,000. Fees are typically over $50,000 for well-known personalities. And the biggest names—Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, and the majority of A-list celebrities—earn more than $150,000.The site’s creators have produced 4 million videos, and 10,000 new stars joined Cameo just last year. Cameo is now available in Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and videos were sold in 183 countries last year as the business stepped up its international expansion efforts.Depending on the celebrity, cameo costs for personal videos can range from $1 to as much as $15,000.

What is the website where you can find quotes from famous people?

You can ask celebrities for personalized video messages through the website and mobile app Cameo. Everyone at Reviewed enjoyed the videos I showed them just as much as I did, if not more, because they were a surprise. According to the outcomes of our crowd-testing, Cameo is a fantastic service that will please users.

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How do you approach a famous person face-to-face?

For all private messages, such as requests for photos, videos, signed items of memorabilia, unpaid charity requests, meet-ups on the backstage tour, etc. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The majority of the time, meeting celebrities at Celebrity Row is free, but for a select few, you may need to buy an Autograph, Photo Op, or Superfan package. Usually, a meet and greet at a celebrity’s table in Celebrity Row is decided by the celebrity’s agent or manager.But you can still hire a celebrity for your party even if you lack those kinds of close personal ties. A booking agent who can negotiate on your behalf is the simplest and most popular way to approach hiring a celebrity for an event.

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