Where does Rachel Hollis live?

Where does Rachel Hollis live?

Since the success of her book, Hollis and her family have moved outside of Austin, Texas.

What did Dave Hollis pass away from?


Who is Rachel Hollis partner?


Does Rachel Hollis have a daughter?


When did Rachel Hollis move to Austin?

By Madeline Hollern. It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for Rachel Hollis. The motivational speaker and lifestyle blogger behind The Chic Site released the best-selling book, Girl, Wash Your Face, in February 2018 and moved from Los Angeles to Austin with her husband and four kids in June.

How did Rachel Hollis lose her brother?

Her account of her brother’s death by suicide is sweet, sad, and instructive; she’s the one who as a teenager was in the house when he shot himself, and Hollis takes the reader through the emotional turmoil that tragedy brought to her in the years following. Hollis also exhibits a lively sense of humor.

Are the Hollis kids adopted?

After this devastating experience, Hollis’s husband fought to continue their journey through independent adoption. Though wary and daunted, she agreed not to give up, and they were ultimately able to adopt their daughter Noah through independent adoption and not the foster system.

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Are Dave Hollis kids adopted?

And, Hollis is grateful for the encouragement he was given to go forward with adoption, as welcoming Noah, who is now 3, made their family feel complete.

Who was Dave Hollis in a relationship with?

Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis began dating after he split from ex-wife Rachel Hollis in 2020. Fitness trainer Heidi Powell is mourning the loss of Dave Hollis, who died Feb. 11 at age 47.

What was Dave Hollis heart condition?

Hollis was listed as having moderate to severe atherosclerosis in his heart (a buildup of plaque in and on the artery walls, according to the Mayo Clinic), as well as an underlying natural disease of the heart that would have predisposed it to developing an abnormal rhythm, particularly in the presence of a …

What has Rachel Hollis said about Dave Hollis death?

She shared how the first week after Dave Hollis’ death, she tried to keep busy to manage everyone’s emotions, and at this point, she is ready to return to work for her own mental health. “We’re sad, we’re angry, we’re confused and we’re all the feelings,” she said of their state of mind. “But we’re very strong.

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