Where is the Riggi mansion?

Where is the Riggi mansion?

The Riggi home on North Broadway in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The property, known as ‘Palazzo Riggi,’ has been listed for sale with an asking price of $17,900,000. The Riggi home on North Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

Who is the husband of Michelle Riggis?

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Michele Riggi, the socialite and wife of deceased businessman Ronald Riggi, is being sued individually and as the executor of her late husband’s estate by the company he started with his brother, Vincent Riggi, in 1972.

Who is the wife of Ronald Riggi?

In 1976, he met the love of his life, Michele Fusco, whom he married the following year in 1977.

How did Riggi make his money?

He was there — mind, body and soul, Michele Riggi said. Ronald and his twin brother, Vincent, made their fortune selling replacement parts for General Electric’s heavy-duty gas turbines through Turbine Services, where they served as longtime executives.

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Who is the new owner of the Riggi mansion?

Joe Gross purchased the 25,000 square-foot mansion that featured six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and six half baths and was originally listed at $17.9 million before being reduced to $12 million, according to the Albany Business Review. Gross owns one of the region’s largest electrical contracting firms.

Who bought Riggi House?

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The 20,000-plus square foot mansion on North Broadway known as “Palazzo Riggi” sold at auction on Sept. 8 to Joe Gross, owner of Gross Electric in Queensbury. The winning bidder was first reported by Chelsea Diana in the Albany Business Review.

How many dogs does Michele Riggi have?

Saratoga socialite Michele Riggi talks about philanthropy, the National Museum of Dance and her 40 dogs – Albany Business Review.

Does Michele Riggi have children?

Anyone who knows Michele knows that her family comes first. She is a doting wife to her husband and a dedicated mom to four children who are now grown.

How did Michelle Riggi get rich?

Michele Riggi, known for her love of dogs, affectionately referred to her numerous canine companions as her “palazzo pups.” The Riggi family’s wealth stemmed from their involvement as co-founders of Turbine Services, a company specializing in selling replacement parts for General Electric gas turbines.

Is Saratoga New York expensive to live in?

Saratoga Springs, New York’s cost of living is 20% higher than the national average.

Who is Palazzo Riggi?

It was built in 2003 by socialite Michele Riggi and her late husband, Ron Riggi, who died in August. The Riggi home on North Broadway in Saratoga Springs. The property, known as ‘Palazzo Riggi,’ was auctioned Friday night.

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Did Antonio Brown buy the Riggi mansion?

The trophy property saw a few potential buyers — including Adam Weitsman of Upstate Shredding and former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown — come close to a purchase, but nothing was finalized.

How many dogs did Michelle Riggi have?

Pallazo Riggi is the nickname that Ron and Michele Riggi have given their 25,000 sq.

Who owns Casa del Paradiso in Lake Placid NY?

There’s even a 1,100-foot toboggan run, built for their children by owners Michele and Ronald Riggi, and an Airstream caravan transformed into a “she shed,” covered floor-to-ceiling with animal pelts and outfitted with comfy furniture. Exterior view of Casa Del Paradiso In Lake Placid.

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