Who is the founder of PODS storage?

Who is the founder of PODS storage?

History. PODS was founded in 1998 by Peter Warhurst who was looking to expand his family’s storage business. He invented PODS containers, as well as a hydraulic lift system that enables operators to easily deliver and transport the units, which he named PODZILLA.

Who is the current CEO of PODS?

Kathy Marinello: President and Chief Executive Officer.

What does PODS stand for moving company?

PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. PODS created the concept of portable storage in 1998. Since then, we’ve made more than 700,000 long-distance moves, exceeded 3 million deliveries and have more than 170,000.

Why is pod moving so expensive?

The distance your POD needs to be transported can also affect its cost. Similarly, the distance between the drop-off and pickup locations can affect the rental cost. Some rental companies charge a per-mile fee for transporting the POD, which can add up quickly if you move long distances.

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Who is PODS competitor?

Alternatives to PODS include U-Box, 1-800-PACK-RAT, UNITS, Zippy Shell, UPack, U-Haul, and SmartBox.

How much do PODS cost?

Average prices for a camping pod falls somewhere between £4,500-£7,000. Pods don’t just have to be for camping though. Bespoke designs can be built to create custom offices, school rooms or extra living spaces.

Who owns PODS Enterprises LLC?


Are PODS expensive for moving?

According to the company website, PODS moving services can cost between $349 to $549 for a local move or around $5,700 to cross states. The company offers weather-resistant moving containers delivered directly to your property.

How much is the cheapest PODS?

PODS storage unit prices start at $149/month. Delivery and pick-up fees average $74.99. In most cases, delivery and pick-up charges can be waived depending on the duration of your container rental.

Are PODS more expensive than storage?

Is a pod cheaper than storage? There is a a common misconception that pod storage is actually less expensive than traditional, public storage. The truth of the matter is that, when compared with PODS, public storage is generally less expensive.

Does PODS load and unload?

PODS works with your schedule! Your container is rented by the month, so you can take all the time you need to load and unload. We can even deliver additional containers or extend your container rental with a simple phone call to PODS Customer Care.

What is the largest pod for moving?

What Fits in a 16-Foot PODS Container? The 16-foot container is PODS’ largest and most popular size for local and long-distance moves and for storage, holding the contents for a space up to 1,200 square feet. Fits contents from a 1- to 2-bedroom apartment or small home (3 to 4 rooms).

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Are PODS secure for moving?

Are PODS containers safe for moving? Yes, if handled and maintained properly. But while papers and family heirlooms you’re not quite sure what to do with may seem like the perfect items to store away, you’re better off keeping them with you.

What is the company name of PODS?

Legal Name PODS Enterprises LLC.

What was the first storage company?

In the 1850s, the storage business came to America with the creation of Bekins, which was founded by Martin Bekins, son of a Dutch immigrant. Bekins recognized the new migration of Americans to the west, and was the first to build a facility for the storage of household goods and valuables.

Who owns Pods Enterprises LLC?


Who owns Cubeit?

StorageVault owns 206 of these locations plus over 4,500 portable storage units representing over 11.4 million rentable square feet on over 665 acres of land. StorageVault is represented regionally under the following brands: Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, Depotium Mini-Entrepôt and Cubeit Portable Storage.

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