Who needs remedial classes?

Who needs remedial classes?

Rishu Srivastava, a former Gandhi Fellow, and currently a Project Head for Education and Research in Shakti Foundation explains, “ The primary goal of remedial education is to assist students, often children who perform below average in regular schools due to learning disabilities, developmental delays, disorders, or … Remedial classes can be called extra classes or bonus classes and are a good way of helping the students to the fullest by preparing good teaching-learning material for the students. “Remedial and advancement classes must be completed within a six-week period that may include Saturdays. Schools may also opt to shorten the conduct of remedial and advancement classes when the essential learning competencies have already been attained,” Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones noted. The objectives of the remedial and tutorial committee are as follows: To motivate and help the academically weaker students to realize their weakness and help them to improve on their fronts. Improving academic skills of the students in various subjects.

Why remedial class is important?

Remedial programs offer the possibility of focusing on those students who are lagging behind and teaching at a level that is appropriate for their current level of skills. Ideally, such an intervention would increase their progress, and decrease the heterogeneity of student learning levels in a given grade. Remedial education (also known as developmental education, basic skills education, compensatory education, preparatory education, and academic upgrading) is assigned to assist students in order to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy. Students who take remedial courses are typically charged the same tuition as for college-level courses, even though remedial courses usually cost institutions less because class sizes are large and adjunct professors or instructors teach these courses. The Remedial programme generally last for Nine (9) months divided into two semesters.

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