Who owns the biggest cold store in Ghana?

Who owns the biggest cold store in Ghana?

Kennedy Agyapong, the owner of Kencity Group of Companies has disclosed that a cold store that befits the status of biggest in Africa is currently under construction in Accra. Kennedy Agyapong made the revelation on the ‘Attitude’ show on Net2 where he touched a number of things that occur in the corporate environment.

What is a cold store business?

Cold storage is a service where vegetables and fruits are preserved from spoiling for a longer period of time. Although the initial investment is much higher in this business compared to other small businesses, it offers higher returns for a longer tenure.

How much does it cost to start a cold store in Ghana?

You will need an approximate amount between GHC 8,000 to GHC 40,000 to start your own cold storage unit. However, this amount may vary depending on many other factors such as the size of the stores, location, transport fares, etc.

Is cold storage business profitable in Ghana?

Cold room business involves the storage and preservation of perishable foods. Food are packaged and stored in refrigerators at specific temperatures until they are ready to be sold out. It is one of the most lucrative businesses in Ghana.

What can I sell to make money in Ghana?

Below are some things that sell fast in most locations in Ghana;

  • Fashion/Cloths.
  • Health Products.
  • Infant Or Baby Products.
  • Kitchen Wears And Appliances.
  • Cosmetic And Beauty Products.
  • mobile Phone and Accessories.
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