Who runs a mighty girl?

Who runs a mighty girl?

A Mighty Girl co-founders Carolyn Danckaert and Aaron Smith live in Washington, D.C. with their four nieces and a nephew nearby. They have long been involved in technology; public policy; and women’s rights and environmental issues.

What age group is Freak the Mighty for?

ASIN ‎0439286069
ISBN-13 ‎978-0439286060
Reading age 10 – 12 years, from customers
Lexile measure ‎930L
Grade level ‎4 – 7

Is Freak the Mighty a sad story?

it is sad what happens at the end, but the entire story line between the two main characters Freak, and Mighty was just complexing. both are attracted to each other because one is big without so much of a mind, the other is small but with a large mind. Freak known as KEVIN in the story is a boy with a birth defect.

Is Freak the Mighty Based on a true story?

for Rodman Philbrick. Question: Is your book ‘Freak The Mighty’ based on a real story? Answer: The idea for ‘Freak The Mighty’ was inspired by the personality of a real boy. Like Kevin he suffered from a disease that made him very short.

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What does Freak get for his birthday?

Gwen is giving Freak a new computer for his birthday in case he has to stay home from school next year. At his birthday dinner, Freak eats very little and asks Max to blow out his birthday candles.

Who is Max in Freak the Mighty?

Maxwell (Max) Kane A 12-year-old boy who is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. Max lives with his grandparents because his father is in prison for killing his mother. Max is very big for his age and looks like his father, so people fear him, but he is actually very sensitive and kind.

Why is it called Freak the Mighty?

In Freak the Mighty, the name Freak the Mighty is what Kevin and Max call themselves when they are together. ”Freak” is what Max calls Kevin, due to the discrepancy between his mind and body. Kevin refers to Max as Mighty because of his strength and size.

How did Freak the Mighty end?

After having a seizure on his birthday, Freak is admitted into the hospital, where he gives Max a blank book, telling him to write the story of Freak the Mighty in it. Max returns to the hospital the next day to find that Freak died because his heart became too big for his body.

Who is Annie Freak the Mighty?

Answer and Explanation: Annie is Max’s mother and the daughter of Grim and Gram, Max’s grandparents who take him in. Max was four when he witnessed his own father, Kenny Killer Kane, murder Annie. Ever since then, Max has lived with his grandparents and struggles with forming lasting relationships.

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What is Iggy’s personality in Freak the Mighty?

Like many of the Freak the Mighty characters, Iggy Lee is underestimated, proving to be more of a hero than first assumed. He is first described as a fearsome and heartless criminal, but he shows compassion for the boy when he sees him being harmed by Kane. He also shows sweetness toward his wife.

What grade level is Freak the Mighty for?

This book’s Lexile measure is 1000L and is frequently taught in the 6th to 8th grade. Students in these grades should be reading texts that have reading demand of 925L through 1185L to be college and career ready by the end of Grade 12. To find additional guides, please visit Lexile.com/lexile−by−chapter.

Is Freak the Mighty appropriate for 6th grade?

Freak the Mighty is great as a family read aloud or as independent reading for a sixth grader. The book touches on some very important topics for young people like bullying, and mental and physical disabilities. It is an engaging way for you to talk about difficult and sensitive topics.

Is Freak the Mighty PG 13?

The movie is rated PG-13 for several instances of mild profanity. Mr. Cashman has also screened the movie, and he recognizes its value in light of our anti-bullying philospohy here at Titus. The message of the movie outweighs the language concerns.

Is Freaky Friday appropriate for an 8 year old?

Children aged 8-13 would need parental guidance to see this movie. Children over the age of 13 should be okay to see this movie with or without parental guidance.

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