Will the White Sox move out of Chicago?

Will the White Sox move out of Chicago?

The White Sox say that no decision has been reached, and they have not had any conversations with officials about their future, but that they are “nearing a time” when such conservations would begin.

Are the White Sox considering leaving Chicago?

Crain’s Chicago Business reports White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf could be trying to move or sell the team. The timeline isn’t exactly clear on when or if either a sale or a move out of Guaranteed Rate Field would happen, but the team’s lease on the stadium is up in six years.

Are the Chicago White Sox moving to Nashville?

Nashville has been connected with the Chicago White Sox this week about the Major League Baseball team possibly moving here, but city officials say no discussions have taken place between the team and the city.

Are the White Sox owners considering moving?


Are the Oakland A’s moving?

The Oakland Athletics’ move to Las Vegas was unanimously approved Thursday by Major League Baseball team owners, cementing the sport’s first relocation since 2005. A 75 per cent vote of the 30 teams was necessary for approval of A’s owner John Fisher’s plan, which was endorsed by baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

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Where do the White Sox want to move to?

With the lease set to expire in six years, team majority owner Jerry Reinsdorf is considering moving the organization from Guaranteed Rate Field in the South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport. A move to Nashville is among the options for the team.

Will the White Sox be sold?

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf told a selected group of reporters Thursday he has no plans to sell the team.

Are the White Sox getting sold?

Jerry Reinsdorf is not selling the White Sox, the team’s principal owner and chairman said Thursday. With reports of the team considering a move out of Chicago’s South Side, the White Sox majority owner told media during an unrelated press conference that he has no plans to sell the team.

Why do the White Sox want to relocate?

The White Sox reside in a Cubs-Centric town Despite this, moving could actually be the best course of action for both the White Sox and the MLB as a whole. The team finds itself in a city heavily dominated by Chicago Cubs fans. Compared to the Cubs, the White Sox are often relegated to an afterthought.

Will the White Sox get a new stadium?

CHICAGO — The White Sox have begun exploring stadium options with the team’s lease at Guaranteed Rate Field expiring after the 2029 season, according to a report in Crain’s Chicago Business. The process is in its very early stages, with the team doing its due diligence with the lease expiration now on the horizon.

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Is Tennessee getting a baseball team?

The plan is to commence competition in the ballpark in the Spring of 2027 under the name Nashville Stars.

What was the last MLB team to relocate?

Montreal Expos move to Washington (2005) The Montreal Expos ended up moving to Washington D.C. to become the Washington National in 2005, which was the most recent MLB team that relocated.

How many members of the Chicago White Sox were banned from baseball?

On August 3 the new baseball commissioner, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, banned the eight players from the game for life.

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