How long is EMS shipping?

How long is EMS shipping?

As a general rule, packages are delivered in 1 to 3 days at the minimum, or 14 days maximum. When you select EMS as your delivery option after making your purchase, you should receive an estimated arrival time.

Does Japan Post deliver to Philippines?

EMS is delivered to the following destinations….Philippines.

Bacoor 4102
Quezon City 0800 – 0802, 0810, 0820, 0830, 0840, 0850, 0860, 0870, 0880, 1100 – 1128
Rosario 4106
San Juan City 0400 – 0401, 0410, 0420, 1500, 1502 – 1504, 1530 – 1536
Sta. Rosa (Santa Rosa) 4026

Is EMS shipping from Japan to us?

Japan Post has announced that they will resume EMS (Express Mail Service) to the USA starting on June 1, 2021. As we saw earlier this month with Airmail rate increases, the new rates for EMS will also be higher than pre-pandemic. EMS should take about a week to arrive and will have tracking capability.

How fast is EMS shipping from Japan to us?

we will send you a tracking number when your item is sent from Japan. EMS is the fastest and most reliable of our shipping options and normally takes 3-4 business days to the USA.

How much does EMS charge per kg?


DESTINATION 0.5kg 1.5kg
USA & MEXICO 10200 12240
CANADA 12360 14760
REST OF AMERICA 12360 14760
FAR EAST 13200 15600
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Which is better EMS or DHL?

DHL Express Worldwide offers better support, tracking, and delivery speed when comparing EMS express service vs. DHL. Though, rates from EMS tend to be slightly cheaper than DHL’s because EMS operates as a door-to-door delivery service alongside local post offices.

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