What are the different sizes of PODS?

What are the different sizes of PODS?

PODS containers come in three sizes: an 8-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot option. The smallest container can accommodate a studio apartment. At the same time, the largest one can often fit belongings from three to four rooms.

Can a king bed fit in a UBOX?

Each portable storage container has a large door for easy access and will typically accommodate an average room to a room and a half of household goods and furniture. U-Box containers rest about 6 inches off the ground to ensure that your belongings are safe and dry. A King size mattress will fit standing up.

Can a UBOX fit a queen bed?

Packing the box tightly took a little figuring out, but was really not that difficult – Here are some things we fit in one U-Box: 2 Queen Size Mattresses and 1 Bed Frame. 1 Full Size Couch. 1 Large Dresser with Full Drawers.

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What is the size of a UBOX?

Each U-Box container is 95” in length x 56” in width x 83.5” in height for a total of 257 cubic feet of space. Put more simply, each U-Box container can fit approximately a room to a room and a half of household goods.

What size pod do I need for a 4 bedroom house?


1,600 SF 3 BR Apt/Home 16′ + 8′ or Two 16′
2,000 SF 4 BR Home Two 16′
2,500 SF 4-5 BR Home Two 16′ + 8′ or Three 16′
3,000 SF 5-6 BR Home Three 16′

What size pod do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

You need one 15-foot 1-800-PACK-RAT container for a three-bedroom home. The all-steel containers are the strongest option on the market, so your belongings stay extra safe during transport. Additional options range from one similar-sized PODS container to four U-Box cubes: PODS: One 16-foot moving container.

How many furniture pads come with a UBOX?

An instant moving quote from U-Box includes the following: One month container use. 24 furniture pads per container. Shipping and fuel.

Is UBOX waterproof?

Unlike other container options, which are made of weather-proof materials, U-Box containers are made of treated plywood and come with a weatherproof cover — basically a tarp designed to fit over the box. During a long-distance move, U-Box containers are enclosed in a truck.

What fits into a UBOX?

Part of a video titled U-Box® Move & Store: How Much Can Fit in a U-Box Container - YouTube

Can you fit a mattress in UBOX?

Bulky items like mattresses, dressers, and refrigerators generally fit inside U-Box moving containers without much hassle.

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What size U Haul fits a queen bed?

A 5×8 U-Haul trailer can fit a standard queen-sized mattress, while a 4×8 U-Haul trailer cannot. What is this? The cargo capacity of a 4×8 U-Haul trailer is 142 cubic feet, and it can carry up to 1600 lbs. However, the 5×8 U-Haul trailer has a cargo capacity of 208 cubic feet and can carry up to 1800 lbs.

What size U Haul will fit a king size bed?

King – 10′ and up moving trucks, and a 6’x12′ cargo trailer. California King – 10′ and up moving trucks, and a 6’x12′ cargo trailer.

Which is cheaper pods or U-Pack?

U-Pack tends to offer cheaper moving prices than PODS. While PODS tends to cost more, it features on-site storage and more service options than U-Pack.

How big is a U-Pack cube?

The dimensions are 8′ x 5′ x 7’6” (LWH) externally and 7′ 11″ x 4′ 8″ x 6′ 11.5″ internally — making it one of the smallest containers on the market. Each box can hold up to 2,000 lbs., which is roughly one room’s worth of furniture.

What do pods cost?

PODS storage unit prices start at $149/month. Delivery and pick-up fees average $74.99. In most cases, delivery and pick-up charges can be waived depending on the duration of your container rental.

What should you not pack in a pod?

PODS will not be responsible for valuable items that are listed in the rental agreement and should not be put into the container. A few such items are: jewelry, furs, firearms, computer programs, antiques, collectibles, credit cards and certain other invaluable and irreplaceable items.

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How much does a 16 ft pod fit?

When packed efficiently, 16-foot PODS can hold between three and four rooms. But remember, this is total rooms – not three or four-bedrooms plus a kitchen, dining room, living room, attic and garage. In other words, three or four bedrooms is a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and living room.

How much does a 16 ft pod cost?

Renting Storage Containers According to the company, rates for storing a PODS container on your personal property start as low as $110 per month for a 12-foot container and $120 for a 16-foot container. However, monthly rental rates vary and are dependent on storage duration, container availability and location.

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